how to make pet bedding?


i spend a fortune in pet bedding. how can i make my own so i can save money. i was going to use news paper but i think the ink may be toxic. can anyone help?

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  1. catluver says:

    A commercial pet bed can set you back a surprising amount of money! But that doesn’t mean your precious pooch or fabulous feline has to sleep on the floor. With just a few dollars, a little thought, and an hour or so of your time, you can make a bed your pet will love almost as much as yours.

    Consider recycling an old pillow, if you have one large enough for your pet.

    If the pillow is the right shape, you may be able to make a cover for it and be done. If you do not like the shape of the pillow, or if it is made of unwashable fabric, you will want to remove the stuffing, save the fabric for a different project, and make a new inner cover for your pet bed.

    Old sheets are a great choice for pet bed material. You will start by making the inner part of the pet bed. It will not show, and it will not come into contact with your pet, so do not worry about having ugly, lumpy seams. If you need to cobble together a piece of fabric from the good parts of worn sheets or old towels, that’s fine. Just make a pillow the right shape and stuff it with the stuffing you have found or purchased for the project. Sew it completely shut, not worrying about how the seam looks when you close it. You just want to make sure your pet won’t literally knock the stuffing out of his bed.

    Now it’s time to choose an outer covering. Towels are wonderful pet bed material, since they are thick and soft. You don’t want to use any worn towels for this part of the project. You want the outer cover fabric to be durable and washable. If the pet bed is a dcor item as well as a utilitarian one, then you want to choose fabric that will look nice with your furniture and carpet. It also helps to choose something that will still look nice after your pet sheds on it. Try to pick a color close to that of your pet’s fur.

    You don’t have to use towels or terry cloth, but make sure that whatever material you use, it can handle being washed. Be sure to make at least two outer covers, so that while one is in the wash, your pet can use the other. This will help keep dander to a minimum and will keep your home smelling fresh.

    When you sew the outer cover, sew around three sides (if you are making a rectangular pillow), leaving the fourth open like a pillow case for now. If you are making a round or oval pillow for your pet, then you will probably want to sew two circles of fabric together, but leave a slit in the bottom fabric that goes almost all the way across the bottom. Either way, once you have finished sewing the pieces of fabric together, you will want to add some velcro or a zipper, so you can close the cover and protect the inner cushion.

    You can wash the inner cushion occasionally, but the idea is to treat it like you would your own bed pillow, mostly just changing the case. That way, the bed will last for years and give your dog, cat, or other pet years of enjoyment.

  2. Hannah G says:

    try hay in most small animals… tey can eat it too 🙂

  3. leandrasmiles says:

    you can use regular notebook paper like when it goes on sale right before the school year its like 40cents for a big pack just bye that and rip it up or use a shredder also i dont think the ink is toxic in newspapers because i used to use it for my 2 hamsters but if you think it is go with ur instinct

  4. Sarah says:

    All I do is shred some newspaper. It works fine and my guinea pigs love it.