How to keep cat food separated from dog and wildlife critters?


I have 2 cats and a large dog. The cats are old and overweight. Cat food was in the basement laundry room, and the door was bungeed open so they could get in, but not the dog. We have a crawl space that connects into the laundry room and discovered that a family of squirrels was living down there. I can no longer store the cat food in the basement, as I don’t want to attract more rodents. But it was the perfect set up. The food bowls are timed feeders, for 2x daily feedings when we’re not home. Now the squirrels are out, but I’m afraid to put the food back in the laundry room. The dog has full access to the house, it’s open floorplan, so we are unable to close off any other rooms. Again these are old, fat cats, who cannot jump up. The dog doesn’t eat at regular feedings, and her kibble is placed into a kong so she keeps busy when we’re gone. Otherwise she’ll hoard her food and go for the cat food which is more appealing. Any suggestions? thanks

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    4 Responses to “How to keep cat food separated from dog and wildlife critters?”

    1. cocoamama says:

      Just a note:
      We used to have mice that snuck in and stole the cat food at night. When we moved, we found a large stockpile in a mouse nest in a closet used for storage. If your cats are old and are not mousers, you may be feeding more than squirrels. We had 2 active cats in the house; 1 slept in the same room with the food bowls, but the mice were really quiet.

    2. sam6shooter says:

      Try constructing a box that the cats can get into but is too small for the dog. I saw something like this in a catalog for about $175, very nice and made from oak, but it required that the cat jump up into it. It had slots so that it was not completely dark inside and cats naturally love boxes anyway.

    3. wilandhil says:

      try putting the cat food back where you had it. go to the store and get moth balls. put them where the suqirrels were. it should deter them from coming in. you can also go to the petstore or garden center and get stuff called "scat" people put it near thier gardens to keep animals away.
      good luck

    4. linnie says:

      This may sound crazy but if you have a cupboard with a bit of space you could install a catflap onto the cupboard door so only they can access their food. But they will need to get used to using a catflap which
      im sure they will do with practice

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