How to keep a bucket of water from freezing?


I have some cute sparrows in the area. and me and my mom give them bird feed, which helps them live in the winter, but we also have a huge bucket of water outside.
the birds drink out of this bucket of water, but it freezes.
just because it’s MINUS 6 CELSIUS OUTSIDE!!!
I want to keep the little birds from dying ( nobody else feeds them 🙁 )
so i need to know how to keep the water from freezing so they stay hydrated.

pleeease no water heaters. I don’t know where to get them and i don’t live in the USA currently.
So if anything else works, please let me know.
thanks so much!

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    9 Responses to “How to keep a bucket of water from freezing?”

    1. Herbie says:

      When our garden pond froze I used to put a pan of boiling water on the ice until it sank in,. Removing the pan left a nice hole. Of course it freezes up again but takes a while. Or you could keep pouring boiling water on it every time you see its frozen solid again, or perhaps morning and afternoon when they come in to feed.

    2. Lincoln6 says:

      Water won’t freeze if the water is running.

    3. sensible_man says:

      using an aquarium pump is the best, and cheapest idea. This will keep the water moving, and not allow it to freeze. Only other way i know of would be to build an insulated frame around the bucket with a small opening for the birds to enter and exit through.

    4. Tigger says:

      This isn’t foolproof. But you might want to set up a small fountain that will keep the water moving so your little friends will have water during the winter.

      Good luck!

    5. Charlie F says:

      You need to replace the water at their feeding times. Anything else is going to cost you bucks. Many people use fountains with heaters for this reason, but they are expensive.

      BTW: Unless you live in a very dry place the birds get their water form brooks and streams.

    6. Drewfuss says:

      If you keep the water moving, it won’t freeze as easily. this could be done with a small pump or stirrer. Another thing I’ve seen done to keep animal water tanks from freezing is to put a couple goldfish in there.

    7. Stuart H says:

      One way to stop it is to add a handful of salt but the birds may not like this.
      You could try floating a ball on the surface as that sometimes works but a bucket in -6 is likely to freeze solid all the way through.

    8. Linda says:

      Guess your stuck then. You can buy bird bath heaters on line. You should not worry about the birds. It is nice that you feed them but the bird feeder in your yard is not the only place they feed.

    9. Gunzndawgz says:

      I live in Minnesota so I feel like the resident expert here. We have dog and bird water out all winter. and yes the best way is with a bird bath heater. We have a solar powered one since our bird water isn’t close to an outlet.

      Another way would be to keep the water agitated. ‘cuz moving water doesn’t freeze.

      Here is the link to the bird bath gurus!

      Good Luck!