How to House Train a Puppy : What to Do When you Catch your Puppy Having an Accident

How to House Train a Puppy : What to Do When you Catch your Puppy Having an Accident


Learn what to do if you catch your dog in the middle of an accident during housebreaking training in thisfree online video series. Expert: Tracy Tenner Contact: Bio: Tracy Tenner has been training dogs for over 25 years. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

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    25 Responses to “How to House Train a Puppy : What to Do When you Catch your Puppy Having an Accident”

    1. puppylove3108 says:

      Hello i am getting a staffie pup soon and am really worried about housebreaking it as mum has had new carpets fit and i need some help ?
      I was thinking every couple of hours take her out what would you recomend please help 😀

    2. AndrewJThomas97 says:

      wow never never do this because the puppy is inside and begans to pee and if u yell he thinks ur mad runs away and when u get him and take him outside hes way to excited

    3. MercerisGod says:

      This would be helpfull, if you’r dog knew how to walk on a leash. They should think about if the dog know’s how to walk on one.

    4. DianaXDisaster says:

      uhh might work?

    5. ilovejustinbieber20 says:

      no do not say any thing to him when he does it in the house or he will hide in the house to go potty

    6. BBGenelie says:

      you need to express his anal glands.

    7. mycyan says:

      My dog is allergic to whole wheat, eggs, fish, corn. – anything with spices or seasoning, he will react to as well. I used to have to take him into the vet for ear infections and to have his anal sacs depressed but once I discovered the real source of the problem – namely food allergies, we can monitor it ourselves. Now we don’t have to go that route anymore. We’ve just recently switched him to a dog food that has Chicken and Sweet Potato – so far so good.

    8. matthonest says:

      the best thing to do when they arent listening is to get an empty soda can anf ill it with like 6 or 7 pennies and duck tape the end off and shake it while saying NO! Its awesome :}

    9. eonpokemonlatias says:

      ha ha u gonna get crap on ur head!

    10. currysteph says:

      My dog has these same symptoms. She is now on Hypoallergenic food but still seems to have some problems. What may I ask is your dog allergic to?

    11. twiaddict14 says:

      it could be that he ate a piece of string and its stuck in its butt

    12. mycyan says:

      It could mean that his anal sacks are inflamed. I discovered that my dog has allergies and the anal sacks flare up when he eats certain types of food. Now I know exactly what he’s allergic to and I can avoid those things. You can also watch for redness in the ears which may happen at the same time.

    13. pitbullqueen07 says:

      omg it so funny how yall talk about a dog dragging its ass across the pillow.but im having trouble getting my puppy to use the house pad when hes in the house.

    14. mustain27 says:

      If your dog is dragging its ass, it usually means that it has worms. You can get the worming tablets at most pet stores.

    15. jekyllhyderacing says:

      i woke up last night and my lil pup chihuahua was dragging it’s ass across my pillow ya know when a dog drags it’s ass across the room. my dogs wiping it’s ass on my pillow when I’m sleeping.. What do I do about this?

    16. lenalena111 says:

      haha. if they are small enough that they can be carried: i recommend you say something sharp and loud like “NO” or something that will startle them and get your dog to stop for a half sec. then pick them up and run outside and wait for them to go pee. if they just ignore your scolding maybe you should be a bit firmer (not mean) so they take u seriously

    17. jrozs1 says:

      lol she said no potty out side lol

    18. cloudXXLV says:

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    19. FARISM13 says:

      their mothers pick them up by the scruff of their neck when they eliminate in the wrong spot, it stops them right in the action. you don’t have to carry him/her by the scruff just grab it a little and they’ll stop.
      just watch your dog and when he/she starts going potty pick him/her up associating the verbal “NO” with it, and then take him/her outside, take them outside and when they eliminate (I would use a clicker) right after he/she finishes mark the action and give him/her a soft treat.

    20. shayd123 says:

      worked great for my puppy thanks 😉 ohh.. and for all the ppl leaving rude comments, it only her recommendation not the only way to do things.

    21. jekyllhyderacing says:

      what happens when you have a f**king hard head!! like my dog!! say no no no HAH my dog laughs that shit off and goes on about the biz

    22. Bastarden says:

      Your methods do not impress.

    23. vergil645 says:

      seriously change ur intro its like the same on like all 100 of ur dog vids

    24. XCT82 says:

      don’t be so condescending, you are correct though. be nice

    25. MANALOC1 says:

      WRONG! you are teaching your puppy that you pulling him/her on the leash is the BAD and that sniffing is bad, and that peeing is bad, WOAH now you actually need to pick up the dog say a quick no and take him/her outside and let him finish, praising and treating durring outside pottie! i cant believe your a dog trainer!!! bad!