How to get my dog to stop chewing on her butt!?

How to get my dog to stop chewing on her butt!?


I have tried that yuck spray for dogs, but she likes the taste of it :/
I have also tried that hot spot itch relief but it seems to not work.
We do NOT have fleas.
I have also tried putting a muzzle on her, but she started tearing at her face and her nose became red so I no longer want to put it on her.
Any help would be appreciated!

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    8 Responses to “How to get my dog to stop chewing on her butt!?”

    1. Dillon says:

      slap it take her or him to the vet they will know if they don’t know maybe its a birth defect

    2. everynightwedance says:

      try benadryll.

    3. I love mutts but Hate BYBs! says:

      Sounds like fleas, ringworm(if its raw looks). anal gland needs to be expressed, Take her to the vet

    4. Sean-E says:

      I think, if not spayed, she has sexual urges .
      Or there might be something in her butt.

      The best thing is to take her to a VET!!!

    5. Katie W says:

      get one of those collar things that are like… cone shaped O.o
      i dunno the name of em :’D sowwi

    6. Yahooligan says:

      Uh she probably has fleas!

    7. heysprout says:

      talcum powder

    8. Irv S says:

      She’s doing that because something back there is bothering her.
      Possibly some kind of parasite or worm, maybe one of the glands
      at the base of her tail is infected.
      If it’s that serious she’s in real discomfort.
      It Vet time already!