How To Choose a Small Pet’s Cage

How To Choose a Small Pet’s Cage


A small pet’s home should be a safe, fun sanctuary, with lots of space to move about and a cozy bed for relaxing. Think about what you’d want if you had to live in a cage—and take it from there!

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25 Responses to “How To Choose a Small Pet’s Cage”

  1. agatqb1 says:

    I use the product Quick n Brite to clean my pet cage and it works great! It is eco-safe and there are no fumes or chemicals which is nice for my pets home. I empty everything out of the cage, then wet it down in the shower with hot water and use a scrubbing bristle brush with Quick n Brite on it and it works wonders to cut through the urination and smell. If the cage is really bad I let the cleaner sit for 15 minutes so I don’t have to scrub! I highly recommend Quick n Brite

  2. EeveelutionStorm says:

    I know one thing: People Ebay is your friend for buying stuff after you do research. If you get the pet but have no habitate yet buy a travel cage get a plastic bin and let him or her go nuts. I got my dwarf hamster from Petco (RIP Mushmouse.) And he adored his travel carrier that looked like a bus. But when he got his big pink cage (The palace one. I had all pink in my room and we got the biggest we could find on Ebay) He found a way to get pop the door off the habitate to get to his wheel,

  3. missfanpire612 says:

    remember all children big or small love exercise wheel

  4. xbatred says:

    @twilight1645 Isn’t that cute though?

  5. C0LL1N says:

    @ItsEryk Thats not a kid! Thats Lenny from mice and men!

  6. raulserban27 says:

    @K9girl29 of course lego is usefull

  7. K9girl29 says:

    @raulserban27 ahhh the things you can do with legos 😀

  8. raulserban27 says:

    lol why spent money on my hamster cage than instead making one with lego?

  9. princedarkus1 says:

    u need to find a cage without handle thingys because some on the can lift them up

  10. princedarkus1 says:

    @twilight1645 thats adorable

  11. 10bigcat says:

    @HipHopIsDeadMohsin thats just not right man

  12. RawnsSecretSister says:

    1. Rats dont like aquariums because they can climb on the walls, which they can in wire cages
    2. Those cages are WAY too small for a rat.
    3. dont put small animals with long tails in running wheels, the tail might get stuck in it.

  13. TebanaSankichi says:

    @padlili they do. Mine do it all the time, they love it

  14. avrilfan159874 says:

    @HipHopIsDeadMohsin you sick, sick man. but i gues we all have tastes…

  15. HipHopIsDeadMohsin says:

    I hate all animals.

  16. KingdomHeartsFanTiff says:

    @musicaladdiction14 Okay then sorry. It’s not my fault for not knowing. -_-

  17. musicaladdiction14 says:

    @KingdomHeartsFanTiff I was imitating him….you know, mocking him because of his poor spelling? Jeez…

  18. twilight1645 says:

    My old hamster bent her metal wire cage and she escaped. I found her upstairs, in my room, on my lap, snauggling me when I woke up. O.O”

  19. cupcakexsweetie says:

    Your not suppose to put small animals in aquarium cages! And you’re not suppose to put a wire wheel in any cage with an animal that has a long tail. It could get caught in it and it will break.

  20. Squarestudios1 says:

    @cookiemonsterules no, im irish and no one here sounds australian

  21. GamesNews1 says:

    @TheCoolJumper ?!?! why u need porn?lol

  22. GamesNews1 says:

    @reemi1998 lol 🙂

  23. WishingBabyX says:


    Rats might Want to Run in Wheels 😛

  24. reemi1998 says:

    the girl sorta looks like me!

  25. JennaSweeeet says:

    when it said small pet books and magazines i thought it meant for like, them to read. :/