How to cheer up your old dog from a new dog?


I have an male dog that seems really sad since we brought in a new girl pup.. the thing is, is that he likes the new girl dog, he playes with her, he basically taught her to go up the stairs, but I don’t understand if he likes her so much then why is he sad? Hes not an old dog either he is about 1 year and 3 months old, the new pup is 5 months old. How do I cheer up my dog.. anything will help. Thanks!

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    One Response to “How to cheer up your old dog from a new dog?”

    1. Kirsten says:

      Give him some special one-on-one time with just you. Sure it can be fun to have a new dog to play with but he wouldn’t want to trade you for that new dog. It can be easy to give extra attention to the new dog, just because she’s so new, and forget to give as much or more attention to the old dog. It won’t hurt the new dog to see him getting extra attention as much as it will hurt the old dog to see the new one getting it. There’s a hierarchy involved. So add one extra walk to your dog that’s just for you and the older dog to enjoy together.