How to care for a snior dog that urinates indoors?


Hello. I have a senior dog that seems to be starting to experience signs of dimentia and kidney problems. He is starting to pee quite frequently indoors, even after being outside. He is also drinking more water. He will lay down and stare into a dark closet or at a wall and also is starting to be restless, pacing and can’t stay in one spot for long. In regards to the urination, we were thinking of getting one of those octagon kennels and putting him in there during times where he will be by himself for a few hours, leaving him water and a pee pad in there. Would this be recommended you think? we don’t know what else to do as it is getting hard to keep having to clean the carpets or the floors. thanks in advance 🙂

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5 Responses to “How to care for a snior dog that urinates indoors?”

  1. Heidi says:

    I definitely say you should go to the vet, but I think you should put a pee pad somewhere in the house. I think there’s a scent or something on those that attracts the dogs so that they pee on them.

  2. rachyrach1 says:

    Certainly taking your dog to the vet to decipher the extent of the kidney problem is worth while. Your dog may be experiencing pain that you don’t realize. i would certainly confine the dog with a bed to one area and line it with wee wee pads while you’re not home but it sounds like quality of life issues are starting to arise. There are diapers for dogs but consulting your vet is the best place to start. Good luck. lost my dog, it was the hardest decision I had to make but in the end I put an end to his suffering.

  3. Basset Puppies says:

    What has the vet recommended?

  4. bob © says:

    have you taken him to the vet?

  5. a says:

    I would take him to the vet.
    confining him for now should be ok if he’s not stressed by it.
    If it is incontinence due to old age and the vet tells you there is nothing you can do about it they do make Diapers for dogs that you could try.