How to break my dog from running out the door?

How to break my dog from running out the door?


I have a Jack russle and everytime we open the door she stands close looking outside and we yell at her to get back but if she can she will run out and we have to chase her and she wont answer to us how can i break her from wanting to run out?

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5 Responses to “How to break my dog from running out the door?”

  1. sugerkube says:

    train with her more often train her how 2 come when called witch is also a gud way 2 xersize witch also might b part of the porblam here make here sit and stay walk back about 5-10 meters w9 4 like 10sec and call her evry time she comes tel her 2 sit and giv her a treat and everytime u do u get further and further away with means she’ll hav 2 run 2 u

    hope i helped

  2. Righteous James says:

    Simple TRAIN the dog!

    For now, i suggest keeping the dog away from the door until he obeys, barricade the entrance with a baby gate.This a very common behavior that is easily fixed. The dog needs to learn "stay/wait" and from the sounds of it "come" as well.

    To teach wait tell the dog to sit and stay. If the dog doesn’t know this, you need to train it asap! I like to use treats first and then use correction during distractions. Train the dog to sit first in a calm area like a kitchen then progress to more distraction. When he learns this 100% then you can start correcting the dog if he refuses to listen. This will proof the dog, and is extremely important. When he doesn’t listen, tell him no firmly, wait a second before correcting the dog. This allows time for the dog to sit. If he doesn’t listen still, you aren’t giving the proper amout of correction for the dog.

    Now back to running out the dog. Once the dog knows sit and stay you can start practicing this using a backdoor. Tell the dog to sit and stay, he should but make sure he’s on a leash and you have it under your foot. Open the door, if the dog leaves correct him like how i said above and tell him to sit and stay. This may take time, I suggest looking at getting a dog trainer, this dog seems to need to learn some basic obedience.

  3. David H. says:

    >_> you mean breaking her legs?

  4. Care2Adopt says:

    Have her leashed and someone else holding her. Put her in a sit and make her stay in a sit (or a down stay) before you open the door. Praise her while she is sitting, but the moment she stands up, shut the door, circle her and sit her again. Once the door is open, and she has been in a sit position for 10 seconds or so after the door is open, praise her, give a release command (Like "Lets go!") and go out the door with her. Repeat this DAILY. Never open the door unless she is in a sit position, never let her out unless she is leashed and you have given the command. Soon she will learn she can only go out the door when you say she can. Google search "Nothing in life is free program" or NILIF dog training. Its very helpful. Good luck!

  5. ~*Lindsi*~ says:

    I don’t think you can "break" her from wanting to do it, but put her on a leash each time you go to open the door (pain in the butt I know, but then again so is chasing her down the street). Tell her to sit and stay (if she doesn’t know these commands yet I’d start working on those ASAP), and then slowly open the door. It is possible to get a dog to stay on command even with the great temptation of an open door in front of them. If you’re still having a hard time, look into enrolling in obedience classes. Patience and consistency are your best friends when training your dog. Good luck!