How should I react when my dog bites my other dog?

How should I react when my dog bites my other dog?


I have two siberian huskies, the male is 5, the female is 9 months. Both are spayed/neutered. The male is a wonderful dog 99% of the time, but every now and then something will set him off with another dog and he’ll bite them. Now he’s never inflincted any real damage, before now the most was just a small scrape every other bite has not left a mark at all. He has bit the female before but never left a mark. Yesterday he bit her pretty hard, it left a scratch and two small punctures on her muzzle (not deep). I didn’t see it happen, I think he was guarding a toy he really likes…though he’s never bit over a toy before (he will bite dogs, not people, over food). My question is, how am I supposed to react when I see him acting this way? I did smack his hind end and yelled at him, I never hit my dogs, but it was in the spur of the moment, I know that was completely the wrong thing to do…but I’m not sure what the right thing to do would be.

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    1. Tobias says:

      You should never ever smack your dog – aggressive behavior just breeds aggressive behavior!

    2. ihatepenndot says:

      As against violence towards animals as I am, I also will not tolerate a bully dog in my group, and sometimes, though not often, and NEVER in anger, a dog needs physical correction. You shouldn’t have stopped with a swat to the hind-end if you saw him do it. If you ever see him bite the other dog, smack him hard across his face, telling him "NO!" in the harshest, firmest tone you can muster, and give him a time out, force him away from you and his victim while you tend to what he did to her. He’s gonna see, quickly, two things. You aren’t tolerant of the behavior, and it only serves to get his competitor your love and attention, while he’s shunned, making the result undesirable. Bad results mean he’ll learn to quit, as he doesn’t gain, but loses in the exchange. As I said, I don’t condone violence against animals, but I have been forceful on the rare occasion it needed to be done, and not because I was angry, but because the animal could not be allowed to continue in this manner. Won’t take too many and the FIRST one is the one that needs to smart a bit. The rest are reminders of the first, not duplicates, hear? They are reinforcement of a point made earlier, not making it anew each time, so no heavy hands when not needed.

    3. ya-who says:

      I’m not real familiar with siberian huskies,but when I have that problem with my dogs one is a golden retriever and the other is poodle/terrier mix. The terrier bites too hard even in play. I will show the other dog more attention for a while to let her know she won’t be rewarded for it. Then after a while I show affection to her till she bites. Consistencey is the trick.

    4. Gail H says:

      Your dog is displaying dominance with other dogs, belongings and the house. You need to take control and become the leader. For help email me. I’m open for questions and answers.

    5. Jessica L says:

      you actually did do the right thing with adressing the situation immediately, even if some people do think it is a little ‘harsh’.
      My suggestion would be to give him a very stern NO anytime he even starts to growl at another dog. Since he is at your house when he nips your female, you could act as if you were disgusted with his behavior, and then put him in a sit-stay time out for ten minutes. if he acts up while in public, though, you could try what i do with my dog(alaskan husky) if he half drags me across the street to meet another dog or chase a cat.
      I give him a very firm "no", glare at him, and hold his leash short so that the rest of the walk is at a strict heel. My dog is very sensitive, and so i never need to smack him or even really yell at him at all. most dogs are very responsive to how you are feeling, and when i over-react and exaggerate my feelings toward him, he immediately picks up on that and behaves much better based on what makes me happy with him.

      As for the food aggression with other dogs, i would tell you to make sure your dogs have their own bowls to eat out of, and that there is no chance one will finish their food and go to eat the other’s. That is usually what causes food aggression with dogs. They think they have to fight to eat.

    6. danielle b says:

      you should lightly hit them on the nose and say no very sternly. and each time be a little louder and more mean

    7. veers f says:

      2 ways to do.
      U praise ur dogs.
      Pull dem off & grounded dem, SHOW NO LOVE TO ANY OF DEM coz dogs r jealous creatures.
      U keep dogs as ur coolies
      Hit dem hard, show no mercy, if u afraid to be sued, use cold water in a bucket den… u kno what to do with the water.
      (Im not English & I dunno what word is it :P)

    8. tina m says:

      Honestly you need to get some type of professional help with the dogs. Eventually one of the dogs will get hurt if not worse you. This behavior will escalate if not dealt with properly. I would suggest you check into someone in your local area that deals with behavior issues. I cannot stress how important it is to stop this sooner rather than later.

    9. eskie_mama2 says:

      Correct him anytime you see this behavior. Try using a spray bottle. If plain water doesn’t work, add vinegar to the water. They don’t like the smell and it won’t hurt them. Remember to give a firm NO at the time of correction.

      To the person above me: WTF was that???????? And what does it have to do with dogs???????????????