How much does pet insurance cost and what does it cover?

How much does pet insurance cost and what does it cover?


Please let me know what country you are referring to. You see, I ‘d like to know, because in my country there is no pet insurance, and I have always thought it would be good to have it. Does it cover standard health cost, liek annual shots, or only accidents or illensses? For example for a cat.

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    1. sandyclausbeth says:

      There are usually two coverage levels to most plans, including an accident plan and basic maintenance coverage. The basic plans protect dogs and cats from accidental injuries, emergencies and illnesses, and also covers office visits, prescriptions, diagnostic tests, x-rays, lab fees and more. For a little more, you can also add optional benefits toward routine treatments and procedures your pet will need throughout her life to maintain good health which provides reimbursements for preventive care including physical exams, flea and heartworm preventive, vaccinations, dental cleaning or spay/neuter, and much more. Depending on the plan, they work as a co-pay program or a reimbursement program, and usually have an annual deductible and a maximum benefit attached to them.

      One thing to keep in mind is that insurance for pets in the U.S. is much like insurance for people – except that it DOES NOT cover pre-existing illnesses. None of them out there do, which can be very frustrating for someone seeking coverage to offset expensive treatments for long-term or life-threatening illness, such as diabetes or congenital diseases or defects.

      There are a few reputable companies out there that offer good pet insurance plans in the U.S., including VPI, PetFirst, and PetsBest. The ASPCA also started offering a pet insurance plan this year. Prices range from roughly $20-30/month for a dog and $15-20/month per cat for accident coverage, and a little more to include the maintenance options. Most companies will offer payment options such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment of premiums, and will almost always provide multi-pet discounts.