How many different ways can pooch reach tge top of the stairs?


There are ten steps in my house for my dog pooch to climb. Pooch can either climb one or two steps at a time. For example he could climb (2,2,2,2,2) or (1,2,2,2,2,1) or (2,1,2,2,2,1). How many different ways can pooch reach the top of the stairs. Please explain how this is done.

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    One Response to “How many different ways can pooch reach tge top of the stairs?”

    1. Ryan P says:

      So if you have ten, then you have to know all the different ways (how many 2’s and 1’s) for each combination. So you know you can have 5 2’s and 10 1’s. But the others are 8 1’s and one 2, 6 1’s and two 2’s, 4 ones and 3 twos, 2 ones and 3 twos, and 2 ones and 4 twos. so then you have to multiply each by the amount of possibilities within each combination. so there are one possibility each for the only 2’s and only 1’s.
      total: 2
      then for 8 1’s and one two, then there are 9 possibilities because a two can go anywhere in between.
      total: 11
      then for 6 ones and 2 twos, multiply by the possibilities of each and so on.
      I am not going to do all of these for you though 😛

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