how long can a dog's torn pad heal?

how long can a dog's torn pad heal?


my dog got hit by a car and his paw pad ripped torn
we brought him to the vet and i wanna know how long can it take for a pad to develop and fully healed like nothing happened

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    2 Responses to “how long can a dog's torn pad heal?”

    1. Mama Tex says:

      depends on how bad it tore and what has been done for it. Does the dog keep it wrapped. Is he hyper and on it a lot. does he keep tearing it open,. Really hard to say not knowing your dog or the extent of the injury. could be a few weeks or never.

    2. Jojo says:

      It all depends on how active the dog is on his paw. It would be advisable to put a dog boot on his paw if he needs some gentle exercise and also this would deter him from tearing any dressings off or licking the wound. A badly torn pad can take 6-8 weeks or even longer to close up.
      Keep it clean and try and limit your dog from running fast or walking on rough ground. The more he rests the faster the wound will heal.
      This is easier said than done I do appreciate, as its difficult to limit a dogs activity. Good Luck.