How do you stop your dog from peeing on the side of the couch?


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    7 Responses to “How do you stop your dog from peeing on the side of the couch?”

    1. lildevildayz says:

      I believe the product is called a belly band, simply it is a cloth product that is put around the dogs belly covering his genitals, so that when he lifts his leg it gets his belly band wet, usually this stop the dog form lifting his leg in the house because he doesn’t want to get himself wet.

    2. flaka says:

      there’s this spray that u buy at the pet store n u spray it where u dont want him to go n thats it

    3. Krispy Lewicki says:

      This works, try it:

      When you clean it next time, spray the spot with vinegar. It smells bad, but it will dissipate.

      Fill a small squirt bottle with a solution of mostly water & some vinegar mixed in. Then if you see him even starting to lift his leg, spray him with the bottle. Make sure to get some on his nose. He will associate this vinegar smell, which dogs hate, with that behavior and wont do it anymore.

      It was the ONLY thing that got my dog to stop doing it.

    4. dorim_99 says:

      Try cleaning it as best you can and spray it with a dog repellent that is labeled for indoor use. Take him out regularly. It is really just a territorial thing. I’d be willing to bet he thinks he is top dog in your house and is marking his territory. When you play with him…hold him down for brief periods. Also don’t allow him to eat before you. It is ok to eat in front of him, just don’t share until you are completely done. You must establish yourself as top dog. If he is not neutered it might be a good idea to get him done. There are a lot of other ways you can show your dominance

    5. david m says:

      Take him out more often.

    6. Jess ╗╙ says:

      If it is a boy dog, spayingusually helps control that.

    7. jaykay says:

      try putting tin foil ,bubble wrap something that the dog will slip on or makes a noise.

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