How do you keep a dog from sleeping on a certain couch?


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    4 Responses to “How do you keep a dog from sleeping on a certain couch?”

    1. el_andme says:

      put a bunch of pots and pans on the couch – this has worked for several dog owners I know.
      The clanking of the pots and pans will ~hopefully~ deter the dog from wanting to be around all that noise.

    2. kindle says:

      my dogs are not allowed on the couch as this is my seat, they have their own beds.

      when ever my dogs jumped on the sofa i used to say firmly get down and clap my hands until they got down.
      this works, they will still try and push you by jumping up, but they should get it after a while.

      but you can not let them up sometimes and not others, this will just confuse them.

    3. roc74 says:

      no idea.. i can wake my dog up off my couch and ask him if you like

    4. Juan says:

      sacrifice him to the couch gods!?!?!

      haha just kiddin….help him find some place he is allowed to sleep on and make that his new favorite.
      i mean when he goes there take him somewhere and stay there with him so he feels more comfortable there 🙂
      or when he goes there call him and pick him up if he’s not listening and take him somewhere.
      basically make him avoid the couch at all times and eventually he will forget about it….hopefully 🙂 Theodore is too smart for average human tricks

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