How do you groom a dog who hates being groomed?

How do you groom a dog who hates being groomed?


I have a sweet shih tzu who hates being groomed. I can’t afford to take him to get groomed, but I have tried everything. I have used a muzzle, cone, etc. I bought one of those pedi paws and he hates that too. He constantly growls and snaps at me if I even look like I’m about to groom him. He looks bad and I’m sure he can’t feel to good either. Does anybody know what I can do to help him?

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9 Responses to “How do you groom a dog who hates being groomed?”

  1. katie c says:

    every time he tries to bite you, gently but firmly flip him over on his back and keep him there until he is calm (this is showing you are more dominate, which is his problem, he is being dominate over you) it may take a while and it is definitely going to piss him off but you must do it. once he is calm, resume grooming. once he bites again.. do the same thing over and over again until he remains calm and allows you to groom him. i am a groomer and this works for us when we have unruly dogs that would otherwise have to be sent to a vet and sedated to be groomed.

  2. Kryssie says:

    pedipaws – don’t do it!!! That thing even scares me!! My boyfriend had it for his dogs, and it sounded PAINFULLY SCARY. His dogs run from the pedipaws. Use a nail file until your dog trusts you with his nails enough for the clippers. Even then, the nail file is always nice to smoothe them out….

    If he looks that bad, you might be better off taking him to a groomer at least to give you something to work with. When you get him back, it’ll be easier to brush him out to get him used to it. And use plenty of yummy DOGGIE TREATS to entice him =) But you have to keep up with it or else he’ll go back to being mean about letting you do it.

  3. veelalynne says:

    Your dog has behavioral issues if he is growling and snapping at you. You are going to have to either teach him yourself that it is not allowed by being firm with him or take him to a professional to have him trained. Otherwise, you can make a muzzle out of a cut-off nylon leg by having someone restrain him well, looping it once around his mouth and under his nose and tying it firmly around the back of his head. You want it firm enough to impede biting but not so firm that he can’t stick his tongue out back and forth if he needs to. Also, make sure that it doesn’t cover his nose. If worse comes to worse, for about five dollars you can find pre-made muzzles on ebay that are very effective. Still, until he learns to behave with you, you are always going to be in danger of getting bit, which is a real shame.

  4. Upper10th says:

    He knows he’s top dog and you’re not. I suggest dog training for you and him. I like Cesar Millan’s approach. Once you get your dog under control, you should have no problem grooming him. Little dogs are famous for thinking they are little kings and queens, and your problem is common.
    In the meantime, while you are learning, ask around at different groomers about things such as any discounts they offer, and even if they give classes or if they barter(give grooming services in exchange for your giving them work such as cleaning).

  5. somethinglk says:

    my dog doesn’t like it either.. we tranquilize him that works

  6. Lucky says:

    pair it with a treat hold it in front of its mouth and letit lick it wile you brush then give it the treat at the end if it did not go after the brush OR you

  7. Kassy says:

    tranquilizer gun.
    simple. cheap. effective.

  8. za24 says:

    I have the same problem. You can put on his leash as if he is going for a walk and have someone hold him on his leash tight and if possible another person hold the dog while you do this.

    Make sure you dont hold him too hard.

    Hope this helps.

  9. Emilie says:

    Put a muzzle, and a choke on, and when he struggles, give him a correction. I’ve done that with my dog, with just a looped around lead, and minus the muzzle because he doesn’t bite, and now he’s great when I’m bathing him.