How do we feed this type of food?


Long story short, me and my dad use to breed reptiles but not anymore and now we have a freezer full of feeder animals that we need to get rid of. We have rats, mice, and rabbits. How much of what should we give to the dogs? How often should they be fed this (per day)?

The dogs…

Wolf Hybrid/APBT mix 108lbs
Beagle- 23lbs
American Pit bull- 54lbs
American Pit bull-52lbs
Yorkie- 5lbs

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2 Responses to “How do we feed this type of food?”

  1. I tell it like it is says:

    Ok, with all the info I’ve been reading and listening to about raw feeding, a dog should eat 2 or 3% of it’s body weight daily. Many people only feed their dogs once a day, which is probably what we’ll do. I don’t know if rats or mice are good for dogs, but then I’m no expert. I do know plenty of people will feed their dogs rabbit. But then again, dogs in the wild will eat mice and rats, so I don’t know.

  2. Rayven ~ Here we Go Again says:

    If the mice are not really large I would considering selling them to someone. the rats if a good size would be ok for the Yorkie if he/she will eat them otherwise go with maybe a small sized rabbit. The others can chow down on the rabbits.

    Adult dogs should be getting about 2-3% of current or ideal adult weight divided into two meals a day.