How do i use melafix?


I have an Oscar with fin rot and a couple of scrapes from jumping, he is 4 Inches long. I bought melafix. I have a 5 gallon bucket which I filled with water put gravel in and a heater. Temp is 74 degrees. Do I still need a filter for the bucket? Do I have to put melafix in the bucket every single day? Anything else I should now before using melafix?? Thnx

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    1. That says:

      Please DO NOT use melafix. It’s a waste of $, does nothing in terms of treating or preventing anything and has killed fish by gunking up their gills, causing them to suffocate. Here’s a little more info. on that:… So please, no bettafix, melafix, betta remedy, aquarisol or any other "herbal" remedy or meds that claims to treat every betta disease. They fall under the heading of "crap products that pet stores and companies encourage customers to buy since their concern is $ and they’ll sell anything even when it’s bad for your fish.")

      Proper tank size, conditioner water, a heater with a steady water temperature of 78 degrees and proper water changes are what he really needs. As long as these are met, his scrapes should heal on their own, unless he was old or sick. Moving him or medicating unnecessarily will just stress him out more and could spur on an illness. If you notice signs of illness: color loss, clamped fins, bulging eyes, white/greyish cottony patches on the body, white strings hanging from fins/tail, deteriorating fins/tail, black or dark edging on fins/tail, inability to swim up or any severe behavior change, he likely has a bacterial infection. Kanaplex/Kanamycin (online only) is the best med for infections and easiest on the fish, so I’d order it, but you need meds for now, so get Jungle Fungus Eliminator or Clear @ PetCo/PetSmart. If you can’t find either, get Maracyn 1 and 2 (yes, both, since each only treats one type of infection) @ almost any pet store. The Maracyns are recommended least because they’ been around for so long and have been overused to the point that they’re sometimes not effective against today’s infections. If he’s in a cycled tank, take out the carbon because removes the med and do a 10-15% water change. If he’s in an uncycled, 100% water change tank, do a 100% water change. With any of the above meds, treat daily for 3 days (doing the appropriate water changes needed for your tank size, 100% each day if his tank isn’t cycled, follow package instruction of the tank is cycled). Retreat if necessary for another 3 days. And wait 20 minutes after doing a water change before adding any meds; sooner will dilute the med.