How do I teach my dog to ring a bell or put her paws on the door when she needs to go out?


my dog doesn’t let me know if she needs to go out – she may be standing by a door, but I can’t see her, so if she’d make a sound or something, that would be easier for me. I just take her out when i think she needs to go lol no accidents yet!
what kind of a bell would I use to put on the door and where would I put it on the door?

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    1. dedum says:

      Hi, lolasmom is right. An easier way to get her ringing the bell is to start by showing her the bell. Ring it and go outside. Then you ring the bell every time you all go out to potty or for a walk or whatever for the whole first day. Any contact by her on the bell that makes a noise gets a treat.
      The next day, put a small bit of peanut butter on the bell. When she noses it, praise/ treat with something really yummy (cheese) and then go outside. Repeat this everytime you go out, all day for the next day or two. If she touches and rings the bell with her nose looking for more p.b., praise, treat and go outside whether she needs to or not. Do keep taking her outside with every ring.. you don’t want her to think bell= cookie, you want bell=outside.

      As soon as she is nosing the bell without peanut butter you are almost there. You can start prompting her to ring the bell before you all walk out the door. When she rings it, praise, and treat on the way out the door. If she does not ring it, ring it yourself and "eat" the cheese in front of her. I know it sounds goofy, but if they think they are missing out… lol! Keep the treats flowing for a week for any bell contact, but be sure to take her out each time she rings it. Pretty soon she will realize that you are trained to take her outside each time she rings the bell and viola! problem solved!
      I like having them use their nose and not their paw, less mud on the wall and no chance of getting a toenail stuck in the bell. good luck!- dd

    2. angelapuppylove says:

      i agree with the other people but also if there was a bell that the dog could step on i like it would b easier than the door hope i helped that’s what i plan on doing with my new puppy

    3. says:

      Buy a cow bell and tie it to the doorknob. Every time you take your dog out to do its business, shake the bell so it rings right before you take the dog out. After a short time, when your dog needs to go out, it will ring the bell.

    4. may may says:

      You can take your dog to a petsmart or something.They train dogs to do stuff there. a dog would usually let u know when they have to go. Talk to a vet if u have further prblems.

    5. Sexy Princess says:

      give her a treat everytime you teach her how to do what you want her to do.

    6. Dion D says:

      See if you can show her how the bell benefits. Use caring discipline and forgive her if she makes a "mistake". Try using Treats!

    7. inkslinger00743 says:

      ha good luck my dog is almost a year and she still dont do that. I have to ask her is she has to go out and if she runs to the door i know she has to go out. good luck

    8. horsey gurl says:

      Well…….this is simple put a bell around her neck then you will know if she is at the door

    9. lolasmom19 says:

      This is actually very easy to do…..don’t go Petsmart (trust me on that one.)

      You get your bells, this a good time of year, go to the craft store and get the METAL large holiday jingle bells…you will need at least two. Get some ribbon, heavy string or cord. Pick ONE door that you want your dog to always use to go potty. Measure the cord and make dog’s paw can easily reach. Allow for extra to be wrapped around the door knob and tie the bells on with.

      Now you bring your dog over to the bells, try to get her to lift her paw and hit the bell. Kinda like how you teach shake. She may not get it at first….when she list her paw towards the bell reward her, then stop rewarding her until she hits the bell. First time she hits the bell……really jackpot her with the rewards. Once you get her hitting the bell… about 90-95%….start opening the door…..
      and throw the treat outside….so she has to go and it.

      Anytime she runs over and hits the bells……open the door and reward her. You have to be consistent in order to get a consistent response from her.

      This is a lot easier to show someone how to do this than it is to write how to this!