how do i take care of a water moniter?


First if its a juvie then a 20 gallon would be best but if an adult than go to they have tanks for iguanas moniters and water dragons. But you wont see the one you want at first sight cause theres alot.Next you will need a uvb light for skin health and it relates to the heat in there natural habitat.Next is a cool plastic container with cool water for it to swim.Next get a reptile rug there green and dont harm your pet they come up to 50 gallon tanks and up to 5.00.Then your moniter they cost up from 25.00 to 700.00.700.00 for the 5 feet ones.juvies are 25.00 for savanahh moniters and tegu moniters there realy cool thanks for listening

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    2 Responses to “how do i take care of a water moniter?”

    1. Joe H says:

      1) Put it in water.
      2) Monitor it.

    2. madsnakeman says:

      Why are you asking a question if you already know the answer? And are you aware that Asian water monitors are the second biggest lizard in the world, behind the Komodo dragon? A 20 gallon aquarium will not work for very long. Nor will anything that Cages By Design makes. These lizards reach 8 feet in length, and should have an enclosure of 10 feet by 10 feet. They come from very warm environments, so the water should be heated, not cool. Giving it cool water will result in a respiratory infection quick. They also need a hot basking spot. UVB lights will not give off nearly enough heat. Water monitors are very advanced reptiles, and should not be kept by beginners. Here’s a good caresheet:

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