How do I stop my dog from marking his territory inside?


We just got an adult dog about a month ago, about 4 years old, a lab/beagle mix. He was abused and then spent an entire year in a cage before he came to us. I had to teach him how to go up down stairs and potty train him and everything, but he constantly marks his territory. I’ve tried EVERYTHING! I’ve used Natures Miracle to get rid of the odor, taking him out every 10 minutes to go to the bathroom and then praise him, sternly saying NO when he tries to mark but it’s no use. He always seems to mark when I’m NOT around which is rarely as I try to keep him in my sight at all times to prevent this. I am just running out of patience. I don’t know what to do.. it seems every time I think he’s over this habit he does it again. He’s also Neutered (he was neutered in November) PLEASE any help will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. otsy says:

    sorry but i believe dogs belong outdoors n not inside the house, thats y they pee on trees, a guarenteed fix, put the dog outside!

  2. I ♥ ya, do you ♥ me? says:

    Hey eurostar!

    One of the first things you’ll want to do is effectively remove all
    odors from areas where she has had an accident. A dog may be
    triggered to urinate indoors by the smell of the spot where he
    previously went. A dog’s sense of smell is 200 times greater than a
    human nose!

    Two well known products that are good odor neutralizers are Nature’s
    Miracle Stain & Odor Remover, and Un-Duz-It. Vets can also recommend
    efficient products.

    When cleaning up accidents in your home, Do not use ammonia-based
    products, as their odor resembles urine and may draw your dog back to
    urinate in the same spot again.

    When outside choose the spot were you want her to do her business
    carefully and she should be taken out on leash to the same designated
    spot each time.

    This is not walk time or play time; stand in approximately the same
    spot and wait for your dog to eliminate. If she does, praise her
    enthusiastically. Don’t immediately rush back into the house with her.
    Because she will learn to hold on and not eliminate so that she can
    get more time outdoors. Instead walk a few minutes or give her a
    minute or two of playtime.

    When she has successfully peed and pooped outside, don’t fully clean
    up the spot, but leave a trace of urine or feces to provide a scent
    that will remind her what she is supposed to do there.

    There may be an occasional accident in the house. If there is one
    don’t hit, don’t yell, and don’t rub her nose in it.

    Dogs cannot make a connection between your punishment and earlier behavior.

    The result of hitting, yelling and punishment will eventually lead to
    her being afraid of you. Just clean up the mess without making a
    fuss, and apply one of the odor eliminators/neutralizers.

    If you actually catch your dog in the act of eliminating inside the
    house, interrupt her and take her outside to the proper place (without
    harsh words or punishment). If she eliminates outside, praise her.
    Remember to be patient, some dogs take longer than others to

    Learn to use the same simple words for accidents and for praise.

    "Nah nah" or "No", for accidents.

    "GOOD GIRL" or "GOOD DOG" or "GOOD (name)" Praise with joy and
    enthusiasm in your voice. Smile!

    Eventually you can get her to go on demand, by teaching her simple
    words for elimination. "Go Potty", "Go Poop", "Make Pee".

    If you are consistent, watchful, and use the crate, a dog can usually
    be housebroken in couple of weeks.

    ~Have fun with your dog!~


  3. jobees says:

    Has he been desexed.
    Maybe he scared and need to see someone to help him just like people who where tread cruly. He could feel more at peace when you arround that nothing will hurt him. But insurcer when your out of the house.

  4. Kim says:

    Wow it sounds as if you’ve done everything I would have done. And if I might add, when you catch him in the act, yell "NO" and maybe raise your hand as if he’s about to get punished (that is, if he know what it means when the hand is raised). But don’t push his face into his own urine, it’s not a good thing to do..I was told by a vet. How long have you had him in your home? Because bringing a dog/puppy into a whole new home/environment could mean another month or so until they become housebroken. It took about 3 months for our 9-month-old JRT to get housebroken and ONLY want to use the bathroom outside. But so far it sounds as if you’ve done almost everything..I would suggest keep doing what you’re doing, and in the meantime, find somewhere local where you can take him to be "taught" not to mark his territory..kind of similar to "puppy training classes" only, obviously, he’s not a puppy. You can also try looking up a professional dog trainer or "dog whisperer" to come in and investigate and/or give you tips & information on what to do and how to prevent him using the bathroom in the house. Hope this helps!

  5. Marko says:

    yell at him and rub his nose in it

  6. Snow Dawg says:

    Hang in there, it will get better. Some advice other have answered with is good, but housebreaking, and marking are two different things. Did you have a dog before this one? Male dogs love to mark territory.He could be "marking" a scent from another dog, if you had one prior to getting him. Also make dogs have a natural tendency to be " Alphas", and marking is part of it to show dominance. Do not let him have free range of the house until he has stopped marking. limit him to a small area for awhile, and slowly let him gain more range in the house. If he marks again, take away some of his range in the house. Yell loudly "NO" if you see him lift his leg, or if he is in the process of marking. Do not hit him, or rub his nose in it , or yell at him if you did not see him urinating, as it accomplishes nothing, and he will not understand. Make him go outside, and ignore him for 30 minuets after catching him marking. Be sure the actual problem is really marking, and not just using you house for his toilet.