how do i stop my dog from getting crumbs on my bed?


my dog is chihuaha and she eats her treats on my bed and leaves crumbs. i dont know how to stop her from eating om my bed. she hides her treats and eats them when i am not watching her. how do i get her to stop eating on my bed?

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    7 Responses to “how do i stop my dog from getting crumbs on my bed?”

    1. Jake W says:

      stop sleeping with dogs

    2. forlorne_hope says:

      don’t let your dog on your bed.

    3. my boy says:

      dont feed her on the bed

    4. Tuesday w says:

      well My opinion is don’t let the dog in your room while she has a treat in her mouth or put a camera in there so you can watch her every move.

    5. Nancy M says:

      Either don’t allow her on your bed or don’t give her treats except if she eats them right then and there. You are giving her too big of treats and allowing her to learn to behave in a way you don’t want her to behave. She has you well trained – try training her instead.

    6. Scott M. K says:

      stop giving her treats!

    7. Mary Smith says:

      close your bedroom door.

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