How do I stop my dog from barking like mad when there's someone at the door?


Everytime someone knocks at the door or she hears noises outside she goes nuts. She acts so vicious until she gets to meet the person. She’s part hound so her bark sounds quite fierce. I’ve tried so much. I even put a muzzle on her when she’s barks too badly but I don’t keep it on her because I think that’s cruel. Is there anything else I can do? She’s gonna get me in trouble with her mouth someday.

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    2 Responses to “How do I stop my dog from barking like mad when there's someone at the door?”

    1. Nick says:

      When my dog barks, I just say SHHH!! really loud and she stops. Try shushing your dog and see what happens. If you say her name a lot while she’s barking, it can excite her and make it worse. A stern HEY! might do the trick, too. And the muzzle may just make her more aggressive. My dog is the same way, though. She will bark so damn loud until she sees the person and then she wants to love all over them. I remember one time she was barking a lot and my sister was like, "Coco! Be quiet!", like as if that was going to work. I walked outside and looked at that dog and she stopped barking even after I walked back inside, lol.

      You could even try rolling up some newspaper and smacking her on the butt with it. That seems to get their attention and it doesn’t hurt.

    2. Keleah S says:

      Buy a no bark collar. They have ones that can be adjusted to a low level, or there are one’s out there that self adjust to the dogs barking, I have one of these for my dogs. I only have one collar but whichever dog is barking the most gets it put on and they all stop.

      You could put your dog in a crate when people come to the door. Keep the dog on a leash tied to you.

      My GSD used to bark and growl at people, even after we put a muzzle on her. She is a good dog and protective, but when we put the barking collar on her she realized that she wasn’t supposed to be barking. I have taught her to bark on command (without the collar on of course, but she knows now not to bark too much and never has to wear it). I have three dogs and they all try to bark and act like their all big and bad tough dogs, but I know they aren’t-unless someone tries to harm me or my family-I tell them "quiet", "hush", even "shut up" lol.

      A no bark collar isn’t cruel, either. If you get one that self adjusts, it only gives the dog a low correction right away-as the barking continues the stim gets higher little by little, until the dog decides that it’s had enough of the stim from the collar.

      And when people come to your home tell them to ignore your dog until she’s quiet and calm (Cesar Milan technique) and to only pet her if they want to, not when she wants them to (like she has to sit before being pet or given any attention). Be sure to praise her when she’s quiet when you answer the dog. Just get in the habit of having her on a leash, tied to you. Put a sign on your door for visitors to know that it may take you an extra minute to answer the door while your training your dog to be quiet when you answer the door. They should understand.