How do I keep my dog from tearing up our door frame?


I have a seven year-old yellow lab mix. During the day when I leave for school and my parents for work, we put her in the hallway and close the doors leading to other parts of the house. She has access to the bathroom and bedroom. Recently we’ve noticed scratch marks on one of the doors, and today when I came home, there was a huge chunk missing from the door frame where she’d clawed at it. This is really becoming a problem for us. Is it too late to crate train her? Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    11 Responses to “How do I keep my dog from tearing up our door frame?”

    1. wonderer says:

      no it isn’t too late to train her but it won’t be as easy ..however i agree maybe a bone or toys would help but if you want simple things to try i would try hanging a sheet over the door then pull the door closed against the sheet to protect the door and i also used a small board actually just a small 8in board cut to set across the bottom width of the door frame i know that sound odd because it is only 8in high but it does work for what ever reason with the board sitting across the door the dog stopped scratching and gnawing on the door and frame. frame

    2. Tylyn77 says:

      Try some apple spray or hot sauce on the door for future chewing. The apple spray works great on anything, and not just on door ways.

      I hoped this helped. I had the same problem with my dog and he stopped chewing withing a couple of days.


    3. tazzmainiandevils says:

      My dog was traumatized from crating, so I’m not a fan. I think it’s a little cruel. Maybe get your dog some bones to chew, and kong toys (hard rolling toys you stuff with treats) to keep your dog from getting bored while your gone.

    4. iasiah a says:

      Well you should
      1. if you see her do it again hit her not to hard
      2. tape u[p the door
      3. if above dosent work .. deal with it

    5. pale_rider says:

      a simple solution could be to buy a couple of Kong’s. They’re sturdy rubber chew toys that your dog wont be able to chew into pieces (provided you get the right strength- i recommend black, they’re the strongest).
      Kong’s have a small hole at one end and a large hole at the other. Place some nice treats or even just wipe some peanut butter in there and hide them around the house before you leave in the morning. This will hopefully keep your lab amused during the day while you aren’t home. Not to mention help maintain healthy teeth and gums.
      feel free to email me if you have anymore Q’s or problems 🙂

    6. Huncho says:

      kick it when it thinks about doing it

    7. Bonzie12 says:

      Not too late to try crate training but it sounds like your dog may suffer for seperation anxiety (spelling???). You may want to try putting something on the door frame that would be bad tasting to her to stop her from chewing. I’ve used red chili powder already in areas I wanted to keep my dog out of. They make something called bitter apple that’s suppose to keep them from chewing on things,, but some dogs like it.

    8. Angie T says:

      She is probably bored so she is doing that. If she is getting enough exercise when you are around she probably would not do that.

      You can still crate her.

    9. just saying says:

      put foil on the bottom of the door or where she scratches at.

    10. IAMADOG says:

      Sounds like she might have some seperation anxiety. Try stuffing kongs or hollow bones with food to keep her busy while you are gone. No, it is never to late to crate train.

    11. Chopper & Bullet says:

      No it is not too late to crate her, it is never too late to train a dog.
      Here are tips on crate training and what not to do.

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