How do I keep my dog from pooping every time I leave him?


Every time my husband and I leave, we block the dog in the kitchen with his puppy pad and food. But it seems like when we leave for short periods of time during the weekend, as soon as we walk out the door, he poops on the floor. We live in an apt. and always let him out right before we leave, and it seems like this is on purpose. If i forget somthing and walk back inside, he will have already had an accident.
We scold him and tell him no, and always reward him when he goes outside…which he does very well when we are home. Is there anything else we can do?

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    14 Responses to “How do I keep my dog from pooping every time I leave him?”

    1. miss hannah k.n. says:

      well because it loves you to much. i have a cat it loves me so much that she crys till she gets her way sometimes she dont get her way. well im happy to answer

    2. Brittany R says:

      hes getting revenge for leaving him for very short periods of time!MUHAHAHAHAHA….sorry

    3. pammie says:

      He doesn’t want to be left alone. This is his way of getting back at you. Your lucky he’s not pulling the drapes off the wall.
      Leave the radio or TV on for him. This will help.

    4. Stacie says:

      maybe you should get a kennel. It works for my dog.

    5. lovemycats0 says:

      Although I don’t like crating dogs, unless it is absolutely necessary, I would suggest that you buy a doggie crate. They are available in any pet store. Make sure it is big enough for the dog to move around in a bit, but not big enough for him to get too far away from any mess he makes. They hate having to be close to their do-do.

      Then, when you leave, put him in the crate. I promise, it won’t take long for him to decide it’s better to wait until you come home.

    6. AlwaysWondering says:

      perhaps a ticking windup clock nearby (but not within his reach) would help, or the radio with soothing music. even the tv. just so he doesnt feel so alone. good luck 🙂

    7. repverizon says:

      I dont know if scolding is enough. Take the dog, rub his face in it and hit him. Eventually the dog wil realize if he continues to poop inside he will continue to be beaten.

      If all else fails you can always get a doggie diaper for him!

    8. ST. JOHN says:

      Well, you don’t need to leave him alone inside. How long do you leave him? You must be reasonable.

    9. blaster says:

      It’s rather simple do not let him see you leave

    10. ladymember says:

      I’m currently taking care of 10 puppies. You should just leave them in one area along with a pad or something that will soak up the scent of it’s urine. The more he pees in that pad, the more he’ll probably look for it to do his dirt. Besides he’s still a puppy and will need more training.

    11. sailor_chronos says:

      Some dogs do this because of separation anxiety. What you can do to help is leave the puppy alone in the room for increasing amounts of time, start with 5 minutes, then 10, etc. Praise him and/or give a treat each time he does not do his business while you are absent. You should also consult your vet for tips.

    12. Amber I says:

      Put a cork in his butt. Just kidding. 😉

    13. sparkler says:

      take him/her with you.

    14. Animaholic says:

      My dog did this and I found out that he actually was having separation anxiety, and this was the symptom he had when I left the house. He would get so full of anxiety he would poop. I also found that if I gave him more time outside to go potty he would go. He just needed a short walk of ten minutes or so. That gave him enough time to be able to go. (A little exercise does wonders for dogs too). If you can withhold the scolding and just reward him when he does go out,(and reward him immediately when he goes,) I think within a few weeks time you will see positive improvement. You may want to try a crate for him. Also, a great remedy for anxiety is called, Bach’s Rescue Remedy. You only need to put a drop or two in his water daily. It should really help his anxiety about you leaving him. You can get it at The Medicine Shoppe, Whole Foods, The Vitamin Shoppe and most health food stores. It is 100% safe. I’ve been using it for years and it has helped my dogs, cats, and parrot anytime they have anxiety.
      But, I think the best advise here is to give him more time outside before you leave the house, to go potty. You may want to start with that first.

      Best to you.