How do I introduce a new dog to my old dog?


I have an 7 year old male toy poodle at home and I am planning another toy poodle bu this one is female and just 6 months old. My dog is quite the jealous type and is not used to having strangers in the house. He gets very stressed and agitated among stranger and he acts like he’s gonna get a nervous breakdown when he sees other dogs. I am quite worried about my old dog, how can I introduce the new to him that would minimize the stress of change? Should I also expects my old dog to share his bed with new dog, there is enough space and should the new dog have her own water bowl and litter box? This is the first time for me to own a female dog, do female dogs have other needs? and when will she be ready for mating?

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    8 Responses to “How do I introduce a new dog to my old dog?”

    1. greeneyes says:

      Lisas answer is the best so far,that is how i introduced my 2 Dobes,and they get on great.

    2. babyfrank says:

      the best way tointroduce these two dogs is to do it on nuetural territory, maybe a park or somewhere. The two dogs should be kept on a lead but you should hold the old dog and somebody who is a stranger to your old dog should hold the new puppy. This is show he wont feel like he is being left out and that all of his attention is now being focused on this new puppy. This will reduce the jealousy. Yes you should have a new bowl and bed for ur new dog and also new toys should be bought so that your older dog wont feel like the puppy is stealing all of his things

    3. tashalovely says:

      Well, you should slowly introduce them on leashes. NEVER favor the new dog more. Just always petting your old dog can reassure him.Otherwise, he may try to kill your new dog. Treat him well , and pay more attention to him.You should get seperate food dishes, water dishes, beds, ect. so they dont need to fight over them and your old dog can feel comfortable that his stuff isnt being taken away by the new dog. I suggest you get your new dog spayed, because she can live a longer, helthier life. You should also nueter the male dog for the same reasons. Hope i helped

    4. Pete B says:

      The most important thing is the let them meet at another location(not your house). The slowly bring the new one at your house. Take your time and stay calm. Always supervise the two at first!

    5. dude s says:

      Give the puppy to the older dog and act as if the pup is his new pup instead of yours. The dog will associate the attention for the new dog as attention for himself.

      At least that has worked with every dog I have ever had……

    6. Lisa says:

      My best advice to introduce two dogs together, is to let them meet on neutral ground. Don’t bring the new dog into your house, in fact-bring your male out to meet the female & take them on a walk together. Let them sniff & play with each other as you walk them, and then bring them both into the house at the same time.

      As for the bed & water bowl, its only fair to provide her with her own things, so I’d expect to do that. And you should also be responsible & have her spayed, don’t "mate" her if you are already not a responsible breeder (it doesn’t sound like you are since you have to ask when she’ll be able to "mate.")

    7. SANDY says:


    8. curious_boricua_soul says:

      Don’t let anyone tell you to spay and neuter your dogs. It is your choice what you wanna do with them. What you need to do is take the old dog to the place where you are getting the new on from. See how he reacts to her. Watch them play for a while. Once they seem comfortable with each other, you can take them home and see how he reacts to her there. Have things ready for the new one. Don’t expect the old dog to share his things with her, at least not right away. Dogs are very territorial so watch as the new puppy tries to get into his things cause he might not like it. If he tries to bite her or anything tug his leash and teach him that his behavior is not acceptable. You have to do that a few times. I have been in this situation before and I did everything I just told you and everything worked out. Good Luck!