How do I handle my dog as he attacks any guest coming at home ?


He’s a german pointer adopted from local sanctuary. Behaves well with us and is quiet, obedient and well behaved outside. Tried muzzling when we had guests but didn’t help.

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    4 Responses to “How do I handle my dog as he attacks any guest coming at home ?”

    1. EbbieDog says:

      Well Pointed Strega!

      In addition, it may also be worthwhile consulting an Animal Behaviourist… although ask questions about their expertise, experience etc. It is important that you do get on top of this, work out the triggers and aim to prevent this from escalating.

      Good luck with this!

    2. Jimmy says:

      You should do what my dad done & take him for a long drive in the country, throw a stick for him to fetch, then quickly drive off before he notices ,walah problem solved!

    3. teddybear says:

      then when you have guests lock him away

      sounds like he is just being protective of his property

    4. Strega says:

      I can sympathize and empathize with your problem- I had the exact same situation, except with a Presa Canario. You have to, and I don’t mean to sound like I am overstating the obvious, but you have to take control of the situation before it escalates into something else, and then you will no longer have the opportunity. He is protective- of his home, yes, but who is there when this happens (i.e. is it worse when you are home v. whoever else lives with you?)? (For me, it was absolutely 10X worse if I was home when someone came to the house, as opposed to anyone else being home and me being elsewhere.) If you can pinpoint an additional trigger besides the property, that is a start. As difficult as it seems, you must also find a way to ascertain if he is like that when no one is home and someone comes to the house. If it is a different reaction, then it isn’t the house, it is the occupants he is protecting. (I understand he is well-behaved outside, but his home is a very different situation.)
      I think locking him up when guests come will only serve to exacerbate the situation. As painstaking as it is, you might need to introduce him to your friends on neutral territory (such as a park, etc.) before you bring them back to your house. As difficult as it is, and as ridiculous as your friends may have you believe it is, neither will be your consolation if he does bite or attack, and is ultimately taken from you and ordered destroyed.

      ADD: Thank You, EbbieDog!