How do i get the dog to stop barking everytime i leave the house?


I now have to chain the dog up when i leave the house to go to work, becuase he went (eewww!!) on my bed and several other times around the house. But now he cries a lot more and almost chokes himself trying to get loose. By the time i get home he looks hurt and is sad. What do i do? and he also barks whenever someone comes up the stairs (mind u I live in a brownstone)

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    1. Lisa B says:

      A crate is a much better alternative to chaining the dog, or, if the dog is not big enough to leap them, try using child safety gates to enclose him in a room where any potential accidents will not be too big a problem (say the kitchen if you have tile or linoleum). But no matter what, please don’t keep chaining the dog, it doesn’t sound like a safe option for your pup.

      Also, it sounds like your pooch is suffering seperation anxiety. Try giving him a treat before you leave. Put the treat inside a toy so that he will have to work to get at it. They have toys made specifically for this purpose. Hopefully, he will be too busy trying to get his treat to notice you have left. Also, leaves tons of toys for him to play with…an occupied dog is less likely to get angry with you for not being home and leave his anger on your pillow (eeeewww!!)

      As for the barking when people come upstairs, you can try the bark collars, some people have success with this, some don’t. I have managed to train my dog that one or two barks is enough to alert me to an "intruder" but anymore than that is unacceptable. It’s a pain and it takes awhile, but she now knows only to bark once or twice, I thank her for letting me know someone is around, and she stops.

      Good luck.

    2. lana b says:

      get the dog off the chain !! very bad
      close your bedroom door
      get a gate 4 him and make sure the dog has chew toys if nothing works i suggest that you give your dog to some 1 that can spend time with it if u love it let it go

    3. snagelfritz says:

      Take him with you or just before you leave give him a bone and sneak away quietly.
      Some of the other answers may work better.
      I had a Border Collie years ago, real good dog. He knew when I was getting ready to go somewhere. He about knock me down being sure to be the first one in the truck. Heck, one day I ask him; "You want to drive"? He just looked at me and said; "No, but, stop at the store on the way out and pick me up a Sausage Biscuit"!

    4. ginbark says:

      Chaining a dog is cruel, makes a dog nasty and it is much better to crate him and housebreak the dog. Barking at intruders is what a dog is supposed to do and outside dogs bark lots more. Neuter him, take him to a good obed. class, exercise him well b4 you leave and crate him with a good chewie such as a pure pumpkin stuffed frozen Kong. The old adage is still true "A tired dog is a good dog". Take him to a doggy daycare, it will help tire him out and give him excellent socialization. Possibly a dog walker could walk him during the day. Emotional hellos and goodbyes also make a dog have seperation anxiety so low key is best. If you do not have the time or want to do the required work to own a dog then please do him and your neighbors a favor and rehome him.

    5. azpoolgirl2002 says:

      Ok, to chain up your dog is not the solution. A dog is very social and the only thing he is showing you by wetting the bed or chewing or digging is that he is bored and unhappy. Make sure your dog is well fed & exercised (and to play with him before you leave is not a bad thing either) when you leave the home and to use a bark collar is not a bad thing, however realize that just because he stops barking from the bark collar doesn’t mean he will stop wetting the bed.
      What kind of breed is it? Certain breeds have more need to be entertained and need of exercise. If you have a backyard make sure you train him to be there. A dog needs to be able to walk around. They are not humans but they sure act like that when they get upset. Your dog is showing you in the only way he knows (barking, wetting your bed, digging, chewing) that he is not happy with the current situation. No dog should be left alone more than 4-5 hours during the day unless they have a play friend (another dog or a dog sitter) because they DO GET BORED.

    6. ZICO says:

      Your dog is crying out for help because he is bored out of his mind. He requires exercise, and your love, not punishment. In return, he will love you to dead unconditionally.
      Please do not chain you dog for it is cruel. There are daycare and crate only as a last resort.

      Always remember that you don’t "train" a dog, you have to understand how to see the world through a dog’s eyes.

      For more information on how to raise your dog correctly, check out:

    7. cassie h says:

      We had the same problem, we crate trained our dogs, they know that they have to go in the crate and they might whine or cry for a few minutes but they have gotten used to it, i also have fenced in my front yard so they can stay out there instead of their box,,,but i feel you about the (ewwwww) isn’t it strange how dogs pick your favorite places to do that!!!!

    8. Toeray says:

      thats odd go get a dog trainer

    9. DP says:

      You should get him a crate rather than put him on a chain.. Chaining a dog out is mean.. Makes them aggressive, builds frenzy levels.

      When you leave him, don’t make a big fuss, don’t say good bye, don’t do anything.. You get your stuff ready, and sit down on the couch, and sit calmly and quietly, then you get up and just leave.. His last memory of you will be calm and quiet, so he will be too.. If his last memory of you is upset and worried, then he will be too, then he’ll roam the house upset, pooping on the bed, eating your shoes etc..

      Crate him, it’s far better than a chain in the yard..

    10. every1's friend says:

      Buy a dog cage and secure the dog in it while you are away, seems much more humane to me. Put a blanket, water bowl and a favorite toy or bone to keep the dog busy while you are gone!! That way the dog is safe and controlled while you are away!!

      Good luck!! : )

    11. Faith D says:

      You might try a bark collar. He might have separation anxiety and your vet can prescribe meds to calm him down. You might also try buying a metal dog kennel to place him in when you have to leave him. You can also have his bark removed.

    12. dixon2140 says:

      calm him down before you leave a treat or anything will do are take him with you

    13. MrOrph says:

      We trained ours using an electronic bark collar. It zapped hime whenever he barked. He still barks but NOT NEARLY as much as he did.

      Also, I would recommend crating the pooch. It is a lot better that tethering them. They feel like it is their own place. As a matter of fact, whenever I want my dog to get in the crate, I simply tell him "go to ur place", and in it he goes.

    14. Infantry Skunk says:

      they have these dog collar with a sound box on the front that shocks them everytime they bark…so basically they learn not to make sounds…then if they learn you can take the collar off.

    15. Dr. Pickle says:

      Find someone who has a yard.A life on a chain is’nt a life.Shame

    16. wifeymommy says:

      Look into the bark collars, there are some that shock, some that spray citronella and some that emit a high pitched beep.

      Whenever the dog barks

    17. Leonard Moo says:

      Give it about 25 mg. of Valium about half an hour before you leave.

    18. Sam says:

      Your dog was probably going to the bathroom out of spite, because you were leaving him alone and he was angry. One thing i would suggest was to get a bark collar i would not get the one that shocks the animal for it may hurt your dog but i would get one that beeps. Crating your animal wouldnt do much good because he would still bark when you leave the house.

      Dogs usually adapt well to everything around them as well as humans do to.

      When an animal does what your dog is doing it is out of spite because you are leaving him alone and he is upset and annoyed. Maybe try setting up a play pen with tons of toys and chew toys for him to chew on he may just get used to that and not need a bark collar!!

      Im sure everything will work out okayy!