How do I get pet urine out of a mattress?

How do I get pet urine out of a mattress?


we neglected to to let out dog out one morining as we were rushing to work….bad owners for the day….anyway he went into my sons room and wet in his bed. Unfortunately, i had just washed the sheets and comforter but hadn’t put them back on. It has since dried leaving a large stain and a very bad odor behind. I don’t own a hand held shampooer. Help…I gotta get out the stain and odor!


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    1. Elisha M says:

      It isn’t a home remedy, but if all else fails. There is a product where I work that is specifically made for pet urine odors. It is Urine Odor & Stain Remover.

      Servpro of East Louisville/ St. Matthews

    2. Delfinazul says:


      There is a way to get urine smells out of
      practically anything. I have done it for mattresses and other fabric. You can save the rest of the bottle for cleaning sweat from shirts, dresses, jackets and suits.

      Things You’ll Need

      80 – 100 proof cheap vodka
      New, clean inexpensive plant sprayer

      1 – Step One Click to enlarge
      Vodka Bottle. Any cheap brand is fine.
      Pour or spray vodka on the affected area. Vodka can be put in an inexpensive atomizer ($1). Use a plant atomizer. This works for pet urine and human as well. Shopping for the least expensive vodka can be done at your supermarket.

      2 – Step Two Click to enlarge
      Plant sprayer sells at most stores for a dollar.
      Spray in ventilated area or pour directly over the area. Let dry. If you have access to outdoors and sunshine that is best.

      3 – Step ThreeVodka is what they use in theater productions to remove sweat odors from costumes. They hang them on hangers and spray every evening. There is no time or budget to clean costumes between performances and it gets hot under the lights.

      4 – Step FourJust air out and let dry. This project is not fun but it works. Try to keep it off your skin or it will dry it out.

      Overall Tips & Warnings

      The vodka will not stain cloth.
      Keep alcohol away from children for their health. Be careful not to leave the spray bottle around kids. They may think it is fun to spray each others faces and burn their eyes or get poisoned

    3. Mama Mia says:

      The Viking was pretty close to a alternative answer besides Natures Miracle products….
      Just "Change the ammonia mix" to Vinegar.
      Vinegar will neutralize the urine odor. Ammonia will not.

    4. Marty says:

      You can get a product called Urine be gone or something like that they used to sell it off of the tv but now you can find it in store’s like wal-mart etc.

    5. vikingsron says:

      I too would recomend Natures miracle I hav eused it with success, however if you can tlocate it where you are you can use a mix
      1/3 wisk
      1/3 ammonia
      1/3 water

    6. dptvegas says:

      i think u need to buy a new mattress and lock the dog up at night so it wont ever happen again u cant get the smell out no matter what u buy i know from experience

    7. ted nation says:

      put the mattress on the side of the road…no more odor and no more stain

    8. FaIsAn14 says:

      you might be able to use this product called natures miracle. they should sell it at pet stores, and espically centinela feed and pet supplies. they are only in california though. it should relieve the odor as well.