How do I get my rescue dog to walk?


We adopted a 2-year old Cavalier a week ago and she will not walk freely around the house or yard. She has been checked by our vet. She will walk to us if coaxed with treats and will walk back to her bed if we put her down in another part of the house. She has learned to climb 2 steps to get back into the house from the yard. She basically just wants to stay in her bed or on the couch. Any help will be appreciated.

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    3 Responses to “How do I get my rescue dog to walk?”

    1. mckludge2002 says:

      Well it depends did you just recently adopt this dog? If so then she is just not used to her new home and is a little sad. She doesn’t know the people around her. This is normal especially in a dog that has aged a bit and had time to get used to previous surroundings. Just continue doing what your doing, it will take a little time but she will start knowing that your a loving family and she can love you back.

      I’m surprised your vet didn’t mention this.

    2. pj says:

      put a smaller dog whith her

    3. dmwtbuzz says:

      She probably came from an abusive family or being in the shelter has traumatized her. It will take time. Pet her and tell her she is a pretty girl. Tell her she is a good doggie. She needs to know you can be trusted. This is the time you need to show her lots of love and have lots of patience. Did the vet check her heart and pancreas. These are two areas that will make a dog sluggish. Hope she is on heart-guard. Heart worms also makes the dog sluggish. Never feed her pork. This is bad for a dogs pancreas. Chicken is the best thing you can give her. Also check out her teeth and make sure that is not tartar built up. If there is she will need a dental cleaning or it will cause a heart murmur and daily heart medication. Dental health is very important to a healthy heart. Bring this up with the vet.