how do i get my dog to pee on a pee pee pad? (she is trained to go outside now)?


my dog is really good with holding her bladder and never once has peed or pooped inside. She is very good with going outside but with work I have to be in the city for one night a week and it is a very very bad area. I dont feel comfortable taking her out there plus there isnt any grass nearby anyway. I usually take her out before i go there and we spend the night but sometimes I feel like she just cant hold her bladder and would like to get her to pee on a pee pee pad while we are there

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    4 Responses to “how do i get my dog to pee on a pee pee pad? (she is trained to go outside now)?”

    1. Ocimom says:

      Why do you want to confuse your dog. She is trained to outside – do NOT train her to pee inside. Either leave her with a friend overnight, have a neighbor come in to let her out to potty or take her outside where you are staying.

    2. leggs. says:

      untraining a potty trained dog, not the best idea.
      If worst comes to worst, getcha one of these 🙂

    3. Rayven ~ Here we Go Again says:

      Oh are you kidding me? So there’s no grass, big deal. Stick with taking her outside. Make it a quick walk if you have to, but the neighborhood makeup and lack of grass are not good reasons to set her training backwards.

    4. Aduial says:

      Don’t revert to the pee pad. You’re going to ruin your dog’s training. You need to find a way to take her outside.

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