How do I get dog pee stains out of..?


My dog is always peeing on the stairs. The stairs are carpet. How do I get the stains out? I hardly ever go downstairs and I did over the weekend to find that the dog has been hiking his leg like crazy on the last stair! Please help

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    5 Responses to “How do I get dog pee stains out of..?”

    1. Zachary says:

      Simple Solution. They specialize in pet stains, and I’ve never seen anything work as fast or as efficiently as their Oxy Carpet Stain Remover.

      Best of luck!

    2. Dan's Girl :) says:

      I have found that Spray and Wash w/ Resolve works really well. I have tried all the dog cleaners and such and found that Spray & Wash works the best for me!

    3. Patricia says:

      We bought, "Enzyme stain, and odor eliminator" The enzyme in it removes the smell on the dogs level which helps him to go right past the area. The habit of doing it will be tough to break at first. Watch him closely for a while, or block off that area for a while.

    4. DeeDawg says:


      use Nature’s Miracle. soak the stains and odor thoroughly, and if you have a shop vac, vac it up and repeat- the last treatment, leave in there to soak, so that it will eliminate the odor.

      you must keep the dog from going there, because he’s not having any consequence, so every time he does it, it’s reinforcing that marking in the house is ok! keep him leashed to you, or crated, or confined to a room where he doesn’t mark when you aren’t watching him directly!

    5. Heather M. says:

      Try Resolve. It works on all stains for me :0