How do I get dog pee stains of a hard wood floor?


As much as I have tried to train my dog to pee on his pad…he has continued to pee on the floor andnow i have brown spots on the floor! How do i remove them!?

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    4 Responses to “How do I get dog pee stains of a hard wood floor?”

    1. verna says:

      There is a product called clean& green wood & tile cleaner, odor eliminator & stain remover. It comes in a spray can. this product is great. It is easy as 123. You soak up the mess first, spray area, and wipe back and forth. That is it! Well you do got use more than one towel to wipe b/c you must make sure you wipe until floor is dry so one would not slip. It takes 2 mins. max and is safe. It has worked on one of my old stains even. But the product is for cleaning wood floors/tile before one would let the pee dry onto the floor.
      To help clean when you mop the hard wood floors use simple ammonia and water, mop, and you should dry it a bit after. dust mop or sweep first of course. It works so well. Not to mention it is cheap.

    2. Paul says:

      You lick them off. After you have done this a few times, you’ll get rid of the renegade pet.

    3. Michelle C says:

      I work for a company that does this dtuff, unfortunatley you cannot. The area will need to be sanded and restained, and if it has seeped to the subfloor, will have to be removed and reinstalled.

    4. Kitty says:

      There is a product called Restor-A-Finish by Howard. I have used this product. It works…

      If you have hardwood floors and a dog, there is always the chance that you’ll have to deal with a urine spot or stain in your floors sometime. The worst is a dark stain in the wood in an area normally covered by a carpet, where the urine has seeped in and discolored the wood over time. You can attack urine stains with anything from a little vinegar and water to a do-it-yourself stain lightener for those badly damaged floors.

      Things You’ll Need:
      hydrogen peroxide vinegar and water paper towels enzyme cleanser

      For fresh stains, dilute the stained area with water, and wipe with a rag or paper towels.

      Apply a 50/50 vinegar and water solution to the wood, wiping the affected area as well as a few inches around the stain.

      For old stains that have turned the wood black, try dipping a piece of paper towel into hydrogen peroxide, and dabbing the towel onto the black-stained wood. Leave overnight. In the morning, check to see if the wood has regained a color that matches the rest of your floor.

      Continue to apply peroxide a little at a time, slowly, over a series of nights to keep the peroxide usage at a minimum. Your stain should slowly lighten as you continue this process. Quit when the stain is once again the same color as the surrounding wood.

      There are a variety of products to tackle the smell in old stains and in fresh puddles. Try these cleansers: Kids and Pets, Urine-Off, Simple Solution (enzyme cleanser).

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