How do I get a female beagle to stay out of the trash? How to get same dog to stop peeing on the landing?


We have 2 beagles, both about a year old. The female won’t stay out of the trash. She has been spanked, yelled at, various methods. We have been trying the "Dog Whisperers’ " methods for the past month. Nothing works. HELP! Also, she continues to pee on the landing of the stairs. We thoroughly steam clean this landing at least twice a week (bought the machine because of this problem) with pet stain and odor removal cleaners. Again, nothing breaks this behavior. Yes, she is given plenty of access to the outside. It being summer, the door is left open for them to go in and out at will. I have seen her go out, pee and minutes later I go upstairs and the landing is wet. Please HELP! Our patience is wearing thin. Love her to bits, but this has got to stop! We do not have these problems with the male. We’d just like him to quit thinking of the cat as a playtoy, but we think the cat really enjoys the excercise!
It is the dog that needs to modify her behavior, not I, mine. I have had dogs all my life and this is the only one that has continued in this manner, As I said, the male learned quickly (using the swat and scold). Neither is scared of us nor running to hide. She just refuses to comply in these 2 areas.

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    1. darlyngirl1982 says:

      Okay- you need to learn alot about dogs- they are not people did you know?

      Get a garbage can with a lid that she can’t open- that’s the only way you’ll keep her out of the garbage.

      Your dog doesn’t understand it’s not okay to pee in the house. I would go back to crate training if I were you. When you can’t watch your dog put her in her crate or on a tie-out outside. When she is inside watch her. When you catch her trying to pee on the landing you yell "no!" Pick her up and take her outside, let her finish and praise her. If she tries to open the new garbage lid you yell "No! Down!’ and praise her when she gets down.

      You need to pay attention to your dog 24/7 or have her somewhere she can’t do any harm. If you don’t watch her and let her do those things sometimes she’ll do them all the time and not understand why she is being punished.

    2. K says:

      It’s almost impossible to keep a beagle out of the trash can because they are scent hounds, highly food motivated and the reward is intrinsic, (she gets to eat the trash!). You really have to remove the tempation completely. We use one of those tall, metal, "bullet" trash cans with the "push" opening.
      The beagles can’t reach the opening and couldn’t open it even if they could. We also keep it in the pantry closet with the door shut.
      Beagles don’t respond to yelling and spanking. It just confuses them because they think YOU’RE wigging out . They don’t connect it with themselves, other than that it scares or hurts them.
      You can use a spray bottle with water for a correction, but PLEASE DON’T put anything like vinegar or soap in the water which will sting her eyes. Water alone is sufficient.
      I’ve used the water bottle to teach the "quiet" and "leave it" command successfully, but it only works when you are right there to give the command. She will still get into the trash whenever she can. She can’t resist it. It’s her instinct.
      As far as the peeing, her sense of smell is very strong and she can still smell the urine, even though you’ve cleaned it. You have to catch her in the act, say, "NO" in a low, firm tone, pick her up (that stops the urinating) take her outside and encourage her to pee. When she does, praise and reward her. Beagles can only be housebroken with positive reinforcement. If you scold for accidents, she will hide to go to the bathroom, (which may be why she goes on the landing).

    3. DP says:

      How did that spanking and yelling go over w/ the dog?? I know the Dog Whisper didn’t tell you to do that! Put the garbage away so she can’t get to it.. Get a new garbage container so that she can’t get the lid off.. Move it to an area that she can’t get to. Keep an eye on her and when she heads towards the garbage tell her NO.. Watch her, you’ll catch her in the act.. If you can’t trust her when you aren’t looking crate her to keep her safe and out of trouble..

      She probably pees on the landing because you spank her.. Aggression builds aggression… It also builds fear in dogs.. Put something there so she can’t pee in the spot she has decided that she likes to pee in.. Obviously it’s not as clean as you think.. Clean it again, and rinse it with white vinegar.

      Access to outside means nothing if the dog isn’t properly housetrained to begin with.. They’ll still go in the house if it’s convenient..
      Maybe she is peeing on the landing to mark her territory, so when people come over, they know she lives there..
      Have you taken her to the vet to rule out an infection???

    4. Pet Help says:

      this is a little wierd….but spray her with vinegar when you find her digging through the trash…….you have to do it in her face though however it doesnt hurt her it is more safe than any store bought products

    5. 2step says:

      take an empty soda can, and fill it with a few coins. the next time yuo catch her in the act, shake it. dogs HATE IT. it helped train my dogs not to do naughty things. do the same when she pees. when she pees outside, praise her and pet her and talk in that funny baby voice like "good girl! yay you good good girl!" and maybe give her a little treat. don’t give in yet, she’ll eventually learn! if she pees when you aren’t home, maybe you should gate off some of the rooms.

    6. Gail H says:

      Spray any area you don’t want the dog near with vinegar. Never spray in the face of an animal. This is cruel and can cause stinging if it gets in the eyes or an open wound. Leave an open container of vinegar on top of the trash, she won’t go near it if it smells bad.

      Go back to house training basics, teach her not to pee on the landing.