How do I calm my pet mouse down at night?

How do I calm my pet mouse down at night?


When I am going to bed, she is very restless. She always goes to sleep about an hour after I turn out the lights. How can I get her to calm down so that I can go to sleep? Putting her in the dark an hour before I go to bed doesn’t work.

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    5 Responses to “How do I calm my pet mouse down at night?”

    1. vballgirl602 says:

      They are nocturnal, they do that, you cant stop it.

    2. Rachel says:

      Honey,I have a gerbil.He sleeps only during the day,and at night he is on his squeaky wheel.I have found that if you put extra bedding in and take out all loud objects(Food and water not included.),then they can’t be as loud.It doesn’t aggravate my baby boy(my Freckles,the gerbil),and I have heard gerbils are just as dangerous as mice,if not more.Also,maybe you could actually go to bed an hour early and sit there.Or sit there until she calms down.

    3. fabulous says:

      put a night light by his or her’s cage

    4. Cellogirl;)☺♥♪ says:

      Well mice are nocturnal animals so it will tend to run around at night and be more active in the day. Try putting her in a different room so that you can sleep without being bothered by the noise.

    5. dadz says:

      Mice are nocturnal, It’s not going to happen