How can we teach our Papillion puppy to let us know when she needs to go potty?


I have an 8 month old female Papillion that I started to papper train when she was 4 months. I began getting her to go potty really fast walking on a treadmill because this was the only thing that worked to get her to take care of business. Now she uses the treadmill less and is going more when I take her out to the garage where I have the pads. Other family members try taking her out but she will not take care of business, and if she is not put in her crate she will potty on the floor. When I take her out she goes, and sometimes it takes a little time but she goes. She makes no attempt to let anyone know when she needs to go potty when inside the house, and picks a spot and just goes. Then Runs away and hides. I let her know when she does something wrong and praise her when she does something right. I have taught this dog to run on the treadmill, and how to sit, lay down, give me her paw, rollover, go to bed and how to jump through a hoop. I just cant teach her not to go in the house and only on the paper in the same spot in the garage. How can we teach her to let us know when she needs to go. So she can spend less time in her crate crying.

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    2 Responses to “How can we teach our Papillion puppy to let us know when she needs to go potty?”

    1. *jay . jay*rodeo*rose* says:

      Take her outside A LOT!!! We took our puppy out every 30 minutes, and he never went inside, because we praised him when he went. Also let her outside right after she eats. [If you leave food out all the time, don’t! Regular feedings mean regular bowel movements, which means they need to go out around the same time!] Do not let her back in until she goes.

      As for the crate, if it is too big, she will potty in it and go to the other end and lay down. If you have a crate for a full grown/large breed dog, put a box in the crate [upside down, so she can’t climb in it] so it makes it smaller. Then, if she goes to the bathroom she has to lay in it. Dogs are very smart, and don’t want to lay in their own feces, so they will learn not to go. Also, the first thing you should do when she gets to come out of the crate is go outside.
      This can mean a stinky dog, but you can give her a bath. You are cleaning up after her a lot if she is going in the house anyways.

      I would also reccomend Obedience classes, even if she knows the basic commands, Obedience classes will help you learn how to teach her, which will help a lot.

      Good luck.

    2. Carol says:

      I hung a bell from my door and taught my dog to ring the bell every time he wants or needs to go out.

      Basically everytime I brought him outside or he would go near the door like he needed to go out I would take his paw and ring the bell with it. I would then ask him "Do you have to go out?"

      Eventually he started ringing the bell on his own.

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