How can I travel and have a dog?


My family used to have a dog. She was an American Bulldog, a great one, and she lived 12 years. Two months ago she got incurably sick (heart failure, kidney failure and a heart tumor) so we had to put her to sleep. But our house seems to empty without a dog. My dad knows it, my mom knows it. I’m 14 and I really would like to have a dog- for me.

I found an adorable pitbull puppy on petfinder. He’s only 9 weeks old and is cream with a white chest. I really like him. I’ve already named him- Chris, lol.

My family’s always had this problem- we have a second house in Florida. We spend almost three months a year there (sometimes two months in the summer at a time). I don’t really like this, because it means I’m away from my dog. But my dad’s an incredible arguer and I haven’t been able to persuade him otherwise.

For our old dog, we used to leave her at either a dog kennel or our hotel, where our employees would take care of her. But this wasn’t really fair to her.

My question is: How can we get a dog and spend so much time in Florida? We take a plane, so we couldn’t bring the dog. Or could we?

Are there any planes that’d fly with a pitbull?
I don’t like little dogs.

I’m almost fifteen… I’d take the dog to college, I really would like the protection. I doubt I’d be living on campus, I’d most likely rent an apartment. If I couldn’t take the dog, my parents would…

Pits aren’t banned in FL, and the flight to FL is only two hours. I don’t think it’d scar the dog too much.

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    8 Responses to “How can I travel and have a dog?”

    1. eye says:

      why don’t you just get a dog that is easier to transport … a smaller dog that could easily go on the plane … the pit bull is big and would cost much more to transport if even you can transport a pit bull … and you should even check to see that pits are not banned in florida where you are going … and for the rest of that dogs life, it will be about whether his type of dog is allowed to travel commercially or is even banned in many areas … i say get a little dog now and when you move out the parents keep the little one and you get whatever dog you want … but right now i don’t see that as reasonable at all, more a child who wants what they want regardless of the reasonableness of the desire … i have a small 14 pound jack russell terrier who has traveled everywhere with me … by plane, train, automobile and boat … she has been to canada, the u.s., the uk, the caymen islands … and it was super easy to bring her on all those vacations because she is so small and some airlines did not even charge …

    2. Ibizan Hound says:

      1. are pit bulls legal in florida? if they arent i would say get another breed that isnt banned, banned breeds get euthanized
      2. bring the dog with you, you can take dogs on flights however airports are more cautious about flying over certain breeds such as pekingese and bulldogs, and some sighthounds no clue about pit bulls. flying the dog can be around 300.00. talk to your parents about this before you adopt the dog or get attached….

    3. Magical numbers says:

      They let dogs fly now, check into it.

    4. Giagal says:

      I don’t think it is a good idea. Flying with a dog is going to be very expensive. You should stick with a small dog.

    5. FidosCityGuide says:

      Sorry about the loss of your dog, but it sounds like she had a good long life.

      Many airlines allow dogs. Small dog can travel in the cabin under your seat. Larger dogs need to be crated and travel with the luggage. Most airlines list their policies regarding dogs on their web site.

      Leaving a puppy for that long would really not be good.

    6. ladystang says:

      you get it trained and socializes
      yes some airlines fly dogs, might have to buy a seat when bigger
      then you have to have parent’s permission to take

    7. KMcG says:

      You can indeed fly with a dog, but it is not cheap. You must buy the dog a ticket just like you would for a person and meet whatever requirements the airline has for the dog being in a crate and showing the vet records to prove that the dog has shots up to date.

    8. Rotten Rotts Lets Restore Sanity in the DS says:

      This does not sound like a good plan in your present situation. If you fly the dog it will be expensive and if you bored a dog for that long it will be major expensive plus the trauma to the dog.
      Your best bet would be a lap size dog that you can fly in the cabin.

      For the record many cities in Florida have banned Pits

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