How can I train my dog to use the bathroom OUTSIDE?!?


I have a boxer thats about a year old. When we let her out in the morning, she knows what door to go to, uses the bathroom outside and is fine. We let her run around the house. If we’re there, shes ok. If we leave the room, she poops on the floor. Its a constant thing! I’ve spanked her and put her in her kennel as punishment, not let her have treats, I don’t know what else to do. We give her alot of attention! Please help!! Also she will not eat unless we watch her. We know nothing of her previous owners but have had her for 7 months.

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5 Responses to “How can I train my dog to use the bathroom OUTSIDE?!?”

  1. Ms Knowitall says:

    first of all, don’t spank her unless you catch her in the act, otherwise, she’s got no idea what the punishment is for.

    when she goes out in the morning, don’t let her in until she poops, when she does, give her a treat immediately, then let her in.
    when you feed her, wait 15 – 20 minutes then let her out again. Do not let her in till she poops, when she goes, give her a treat, and let her in.

    Most boxers won’t eat all day long, so if you notice she’s eating, let her out within 15 minutes. She won’t go in the house if she’s empty.

  2. love my goldens says:

    All dogs will eventually eat, so you can stop watching her on that issue.
    When you clean up her poop, take it outside to the spot that you want her to use and place it there. Then take her out on a leash and show it to her and tell her good girl.
    When she is in the house, watch for any slight circling that she may do, as this is an indicator that she is getting ready to poop. Snap a leash on her and take her out immediately.
    When she does poop in your house, take her over to it, show it to her and tell her no, then take her outside and show her the poop that you’ve placed there and tell her good girl.
    Do this consistently and she will eventually understand what it is you want her to do.
    With holding treats and putting her in her kennel is not making her understand what it is you want. Since pooping is a natural act for her, she doesn’t understand punishment.
    Showing her where you want her to go will help her, especially since she will be able to smell her poop that is outside and hear you praising her for it.

  3. rocksister says:

    I have had a similar experience with the dog I just adopted in July. She would neither eat, poop, or pee when we were around. I walked her for hours and she would not do it, but as soon as I turned my back inside the house, there she went. A friend of mine told me he once had a dog like that and they figured out she had to have privacy. So now I put her outside by herself and she goes right away. As long as no other humans are within her sight or hearing. My dog has finally started eating normally, but would rather we NOT be watching her . She acts really modest. Maybe your dog wants privacy to do her business, but wants to be sure you are around while eating for some reason. If you just leave the dog alone long enough while the food is out, it will eventually get too hungry to be concerned whether you are around or not. Trust me, a dog will never ever starve itself, no matter how stressed it might be. My dog is also about a year old and was found abandoned and probably had been abused.

  4. JenVT says:

    There is no point in correcting her unless you actually catch her pooping on the floor- she has no idea what she has done. If she doesn’t go to the bathroom outside, put her in her crate immediately. After about 15 minutes put her back outside again and continue until he actually goes. The other option is to take her out on a leash and not let her run around until she has gone.

  5. Drill Sergeant CMA says:

    There is a point to rubbing their nose in it, spanking them and putting them outside. Rubbing their nose in it shows them what you are talking about. They realize what it is by the smell. Spanking them will let them know you dont like it and putting them outside will tell them where they are supposed to go.

    I have had a lot of boxers (best dogs in the world 🙂 This is how I have always trained them, and it works great. Dont beat the hell out of the dog, just spank it.