How can I train my dog to stop getting on my couch?

How can I train my dog to stop getting on my couch?


AnaBell Loves Chihua… that was not me with that question.

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    16 Responses to “How can I train my dog to stop getting on my couch?”

    1. rjn529 says:

      As soon as the dog lifts the first paw to get on the couch, tell them a firm "no". this does not have to be loud or screaching, just firm. Never allow the dog to get that first paw on the couch. With the dog on leash, walk them up to and past the couch. As soon as they start to go towards it, pull the dog back to you, them them "no", and keep on walking. In a short time, the dog will learn that the couch is off limits.

    2. psychnet says:

      If you dog contiues to get on the couch against your wishes, this tells me the dog is the pack leader in your home and he feels he owns the couch.

      You need to take ownership of the couch back.

      You do this by becoming the pack leader in your home.

      Do not yell at the dog, do not scream. Dogs don’t understand english and have no idea what you are saying.

      With a calm, assertive voice, say "NO" and push the dog off the couch. When she approaches the couch, take your hand and make a claw like shape and tap the dog like you are biting it with your hand. At the same time say "NO". continue to do this.

      Stand between the dog and the couch and contiue with the hand/claw bite which is how a pack leader dog will tell the other dog it’s not good to perform this behaviour.

      Dogs learn very quickly if they understand what you want.

      Your dog will give you unconditional love for life and all they ask for in return is your love. But, you must be the pack leader for your relationship with this dog to be mutually beneficial.

      You should watch the TV show "Dog Whisperer" on natinal Geographic channel with Ceasar Millan. You can get allot for this TV show.

      Best of luck

    3. melissa k says:

      If you see the dog doing it, tell him "Off." If he won’t get down on his own, remove him or lure him off with a treat or toy. When he is off the couch, show him where you want him to sleep – on a dog bed, blanket, in his crate, etc. Praise him and give him a few treats when he is in the right place.

      If the dog is getting on furniture when you aren’t home, you need to prevent access. Either crate or confine him or put things on the couch that make it uncomfortable or physically impossible to get on. I used to put two kitchen chairs on the sofa to keep the dog off. Or, use sisal door mats, X-mats (sold by pet stores), milk crates, etc. I wouldn’t advise an electric shock mat unless absolutely nothing else works, which I would find hard to believe. It’s not necessary to harm the dog to teach it how to behave.

    4. Caiti S says:

      You know those plastic runner things people put in high-traffic areas of their house to protect their carpet? Get one and turn it upside down and put it on the couch.The plastic pointy things will make the couch a very uncomfortable place to be.

      Also, if your dog is getting on the couch to look out the window, close the shades.

    5. Jodi B says:

      All of these people saying ewwwwww or disgusting obviously have outside dogs that are prolly chained to a box and only get food and water once a day. I let my dogs in my living room, kitchen, bathroom, well anywhere in my house. My dogs are my best friends and I don’t know anyone that would treat a best friend like that!

    6. karen says:

      We just got new furninture and decided we did not want the dogs to be on it. Really, it was alot easier than I thought. consistency is the key. Every time they got up there, we’d say "OFF" and gently push them off. Do that EVERY time they try to get up. It really didn’t take long for them to catch on. We crate our dogs while we are away or else I’m sure they’d sneak up there. LOL

    7. andisimmens says:

      Persistancy!!! That is the best way to get them to do anything. No yelling, beating … just a constant NO!

    8. AnaBell Loves Chihuahuas says:

      I beileve you are the same person?;_ylt=AuRGi6bY2GA4yAr2A3wy60fsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20071004124102AAwWn2K&show=7#profile-info-BidTW1gJaa
      Every time you see her jump on tell her No in a stern voice.
      Or crate train her to make her sleep in her crate.

    9. curlycutie says:

      you can say "down" in a low toned voice and then reward him by petting him and making baby voices telling the dog how good it is..or you could buy one of those spray bottles and spray the dog with water everytime they jump onto the couch

    10. ticktock says:

      Try a spray bottle (filled with water of course). Every time they get up there, spray them and tell them to get down. Even if they like to play in water normally, the spray effect should scare them. If that doesn’t work, then I suggest buying a dog bed and put it next to the couch. They should love having their own seat so much they won’t want to get on your couch anymore.

      And what’s wrong with letting your dog in the house and in the living room anyway? I can’t believe people would say that. They are your family, are they not?

      I agree with you, Jodi B.

    11. -R says:

      1st of all, why on earth is your dog allowed in the living room? I bet you let him jump on your bed also. Oh lord that is disgusting.

      Anywho, back to your question… go to the pet store and get this spray called "BITTERSPRAY" and spray it all around the parameter of the couch…. the minute your dog gets a foot near the couch, he’ll sneeze and retreat quickly. it burns their nose.

    12. frozenloc2 says:

      Its not as hard you think! If you keep dog out while your not home its next to impossible but if your home its very simple. Tell the dog off when he gets on it! Do not even let a paw on the couch and keep telling him off. If he gets on, you push him off and say off. Its not hard at all! I allow puppies on the couch but as soon as they get bigger I no longer allow them on or on the bed anymore. I’ve never had a problem getting my point across! Get them there own dog bed!

    13. Robert B says:

      get a pepsi can and put 10 pennies in it..

      Every time your dog jumps on the couch, shake it really hard

      The dog will jump down.. should be trained in a day or so

    14. Your conscience says:

      Buy one of those canned air horns and blow the hell out of it every time the dog gets on the couch.

    15. Jonathan says:

      Get one of those little sheets that has an electric current in it, and every time they jump on the couch it will shock them. That ought to slow the nasty little things down.

      Who puts dogs inside their house anyway? Do you live in a hut? Eeew.

    16. always b natural says:

      Shout NO, BAB DOG at him when he climbs up. If he gets up, put him back down on the floor gently. He may need a place to lay next to the couch where he can be comfortable (He may be getting up to get out of a draft on the floor) Put down a towel or small mat for him to lie on. My sister had a dog that would not stay off the couch when she was at work, and she put a plastic shower curtain on the furniture when she went out