how can i train my dog to stop barking at the door every time someone or other dogs walks by our door.?


he is a maltese dog about a little more than a year old.
some one told me that when ever he barks to call him and give him a treat, but that’s more of a compensation for barking to me. i know that that’s his job to bark at strangers but is just too much.

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5 Responses to “how can i train my dog to stop barking at the door every time someone or other dogs walks by our door.?”

  1. Monkey0 says:

    Although frustrating its is worth spending time to instill discipline — we used this and it was worth its weight in gold:

  2. I Know! I Know! says:

    I recently had a similar problem but finally resolved it.

    I finally found a solution to this problem and I could not believe how easy it was. Just go to and it will show exactly how to stop your dog from barking.

  3. Michael says:

    I had to work for months to get this done but my pup wouldnt stop barking at even passer bys of my house. I started with hush and then moved to using one or two fingers to smack the nose every time she barked. I now use hush only and for those times she doesnt stop she gets the finger….she hates it but it shuts her up

  4. Lynxy says:

    Read some books on training dogs to bark, and not to bark. I recommend Natural Dog Training.

  5. Blarg says:

    Try setting a word and turning it into a command, kind of like quiet. My two dogs would bark whenever they hear a dog barking on tv or a door being knocked on the tv show. When they began to bark when a door was knocked on I would go up to them, pet them and quietly say "TV". Eventually they learned when they hear the word tv that is something they shouldn’t bark at. Of course give them treats only when they are quiet. If you stay calm you can calm the dog down. I should also mention that I would rewind the show and play the door knocking scene over and over. You should find a friend to walk past your door several times to help train him.

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