How can I train my dog not to bark at everytime a dog or human walks by?


I have tried to grab his muzzle firmly say no, and others.
He just won’t seem to stop barking
Is this because he is very young and is just learning?

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    6 Responses to “How can I train my dog not to bark at everytime a dog or human walks by?”

    1. kmounse says:

      Yeesh, a dog barks! Accept it! I think most humans need a muzzle before a dog does. But if you really want to learn effective ways to keep your dog from barking all the time, I suggest you watch or read anything by Cesar Millan (a.k.a., the Dog Whisperer). Dogs learn best by recognizing you as the pack leader, and Millan stresses this. He also stresses positive reinforcement, and taking the TIME and PATIENCE to work with your dog. He/she will not stop barking at everything overnight. Dogs are like children – they take a lot of patience, time and work. Don’t give up, and accept the fact that your dog will not always be perfect.

    2. acoplover says:

      Try putting a rubber band around its nose/muzzle but not tight whenever it starts to bark tell the dog NO BARKING!! than remove rubber band.(leave on for only a couple seconds) continue until it stops.

      How old is the dog?If it is younger than 6 months then do not use the rubber band.

      Your dog could be bored or needs outside or even a walk could help.
      Be positive and give your dog alot of praise when it behaves.


    3. Jillian B says:

      You need to excersise you dog get him tired, then have them outside. When someone walks by and he starts to bark, bring him in the house, so he stops. Keep doing this as many times as you need to untill his barking is limited, also look on victoria stillwells website, and the show "its me or the dog" there is some really good training tips!

    4. PIPPY says:

      You need to socialize your dog.That means taking him for walks where he will be exposed to people and other animals.Even petco has classes I believe.Don’t grab his muzzle,you are only putting more emphasis on the situation,try distraction,with happy talk, toys or food.

    5. H MEJIA says:

      as soon as he is about to bark tug on the leash firlmly so that u get his attention as say no!!

    6. kapitan_vicki says:

      Reward him with titbits if he shows any improvement and always be firm, with him. He would soon, hopefully outgrow his habit.

      Bring him to a dog training centre.

      Check why he is barking and see if there are any objects that might calm him down (eg toys, bone etc)

      Hopefully this works.