How can I teach my dog to stop barking at night when we let her in the backyard?


I’ve tried teaching her not to bark when we let her outside in the backyard – I’ve tried calling her, bringing her back inside when she doesn’t listen -she usually only barks at night for some reason. My mom wants to buy a muzzle for her but i do not want to put a muzzle on here. Any ideas or products i can buy to help her/teach her to stop barking?

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    5 Responses to “How can I teach my dog to stop barking at night when we let her in the backyard?”

    1. Meka says:

      There are dog stop bark collars but before going that route, you may want to stimulate the dog as much as possible. The more your dog does as far as exercise and play the less likely they are to lie around and jump at every single noise outside. You can read more about stopping excessive dog barking here

    2. someone says:

      Well, maybe you can pet your dog while it is out there for a few minutes just to let your dog know that he or she is safe

    3. LenaBabe says:

      you can’t really teach a dog to stop barking, they just do it. just like you can’t teach a baby to stop crying. why do you let her out at night? is it because she is not potty trained? if thats the reason, than try potty training her and keeping her inside at night, let her out during the day and keep her inside at night, but make sure she is potty trained.

    4. TimothyGun says:

      You cant! A dog’s first instinct is to alert you that there is someone or some thing there! The only option I see is to make a place for your dog inside during the night. Sorry I couldn’t be more help! ;o

    5. Smith says:

      One tool that may help with this training is a head halter. It looks somewhat like a combination collar/muzzle, but it allows the dog to breath and drink. Used with supervision (never leave it on the dog when he is alone), it may have a controlling and calming effect on your walks and at home, reducing the likelihood of barking. A head halter does not replace training, rewards and praise, but is a tool to help you in your counter-bark training.

      Here’s more info.

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