How can I stop my dog from peeing by the door?

How can I stop my dog from peeing by the door?


She is 5 months old Labrador and has decided that the door that divides the patio from the house ir the best place to pee. I have a 2 year old son that loves to be barefoot on the patio…needless to say what happens when he does…can I pour bleach or something like that so that she picks another place to pee?

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18 Responses to “How can I stop my dog from peeing by the door?”

  1. cheerchic says:

    ok go to cvs or walmart and buy a peice of poster board for like 50 cent and tape it to the door then when she pees there it will bounce back off the poster and onto her after a couple of times she will get the idea that u don’t want her to pee there

  2. BJewed says:

    Your dog sounds like he is very smart. Using the bathroom by the door means he has to go out. You just have to pay a little more attention, because before he pees he is asking to go out!, putting a mat down is saying it is ok when it is not! Good Luck!

  3. yasmira m says:

    My dog use to do the same at my apartment and the solution was that i went to a pet store and most have a type of spray that u could put on the spot where they pee the most …..and it has a type of odor that dogs can not stand but it wont be a bother for us…. but before u spray it u have to clean the pee first then it would take like a day or so for the dog to go and pee on paper or out side how ever way u train it…….but it helped me alot………..

  4. loni b says:

    Obviously, she has to go potty, and is trying to tell you by going to the door. Take her out more often ( thirty minutes or so) get a doggy door, or get peepee pads and put them there.

  5. Terri says:

    A vinegar/water solution is supposed to kill the odor.

  6. Christina says:

    A technique i heard that always works is placing tabasco sauce on the spot that they pee on. I don’t know why this disuades them. Perhaps it is the smell. Don’t pour the whole bottle on the floor because you don’t want the dog to drink/eat it. If the ground is carpet the tabasco idea won’t be helpful in your situation.

  7. Earthling says:

    Maybe she is trying to go outside, but nobody opens the door for her. She is still a puppy, and apparently doesn’t fully understand where she is supposed to pee.
    Where are you when she does this? If you know you can’t trust her, then you shouldn’t. Everytime she goes in the wrong place without getting caught in the act is leaps backwards in the housebreaking saga.
    You can buy pet odor remover from a pet store. While you are there, you should pick up a crate and a book or two on crate training.
    Good Luck.

  8. just me says:

    she’ll quit peeing there if you take her out more often. and when you take her out, make sure its off the patio.

    and for some peoples response, never never never hit your dog. esp for pottying in the house, it will only make too scared to potty in front of you causing it to be real hard to housebreak them. And you should never physically punish your dog, just show them who is the boss, and they will listen. Your dog is young and is still learning.

  9. WOW says:

    a effective way is to go outside with him on a leash, and wait til he pisses, and keep doing that no matter how long it takes, and a faster way is before u go out side with the dog, is to get him to drink alot of water, and after like 10 times, he will have 1 specific place he goes to do his business, and after he will have that remembered in his brain on where, he goes to do that and will eventually keep doing outside, but it will take some work, on waiting for him to get used to go outside and not having to step in piss when u walk outside u door

  10. Kavya R says:

    Ok. First of all bleach isn’t going to work but if this is happening you should put maybe some newspapers nearby the door and if tht doesen’t work try and train her to go to another place.

  11. says:

    /First, you have to neutralize the odor,(vinegar against the ammonia in the urine)—& clearly, she’s not housebroken, and has to be crated when you can’t watch her. You have to either teacher her to let you know she has to go out and/or train her to go on command outside. There are training books that will help you do this. You did NOT adopt Lassie. you have to train them.

  12. Alice K says:

    Have you considered opening the door? It sounds like she’s giving you a pretty clear hint that she needs to go out.
    If you have a 2-yr-old, do NOT use bleach in that spot. Bleach and ammonia (in the urine) creates chlorine gas.

  13. Jennifer Z says:

    I have never had a dog until recently. I’m a cat person. But, my husband got one, and he would show her the spot where she peed, put her nose near it, and spank her. Then, he takes her by the back door to let her know that she needs to go there and bark when she has to go out.

  14. Dia says:

    you should talk to the dog and tell him to bark when he has to pee so you know to take him outside…also praise him when he pees somewhere else because they love to know the are pleasing you. eiter that or make your son where shoes…haha

  15. Kelli says:

    My dog does that in the winter because she is too lazy to go out in the snow. LOL…… I just pour some hot soapy water with a little bleach in it to kill the odor so she doesnt want to go back to the same spot. Just watch the pup and yell NO! When she does it and move her to the lawn to show her where she is supposed to go.

  16. Chrissy #1 says:

    Try putting down a mat of some sort so she won’t piddle right there.

  17. kim z says:

    train the dog duh

  18. Jess says:

    Try using Woolite high traffic cleaner to clean the area she peed on. Or some sort of Woolite spray product. That stuff works wonders. I raised two dogs from pups and after the youngest one was almost 2 we sold the house that we trained them in and everyone that walked through the house couldn’t believe the carpet was 7 years old knowing that two dogs were raised there, which is my way of telling you it works wonders. I used it on the hardwood floors too when an accident happened there.
    The dog is still a pup, so don’t feel so bad about disciplining her. Take her outside and play with her there and praise her as much as you can when she goes potty outside and when she goes inside, yell at her or smack her or make a loud angry noise, however you disciplined your kid when he does something wrong will work on a dog too, to get the point across that that’s bad and she made you angry by doing that. Dogs love to please.
    Read some books on training too because chances are that in a month when you solve this problem, she’ll start chewing on shoes or something else will happen that you’ll have to deal with.
    Also, watch the dog and when she pees by the door, try to think if she came to you first, or made some sort of sign that she needed out, if not, then try to start noticing. It may be subtle, but I bet you that she tried to get you or your siginificant other or even your son to let her out before just peeing by the door. My female will just sit and stare at me or paw my leg if I’m not paying attention, but she used give up and just go by the door that we use to let her out if I didn’t get her out within half an hour of her asking (that was when she was younger, she can hold it longer now). My male will sit by the door and whine until I notice him.
    I wish you luck and patience