How can I stop my dog from licking her hind leg raw?


We wrap the leg with bandage and put a muzzle on her when she has to be alone, but she’s figured out how to take the muzzle off. An e-collar is useless as she just extends her leg around it. HELP!
This has been a problem since we got her from a rescue group. But it was her foreleg and we could control it with an e-collar. She injured her hind leg and that’s when she figured out she could do it there instead. It’s always the same spot so it bleeds profusely when she gets at it.
Also, she is a 10 year old labrador retriever.

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    4 Responses to “How can I stop my dog from licking her hind leg raw?”

    1. Chibi says:

      Try rubbing a really hot hot sauce onto your dog’s leg, the hotter the better =). That way, the moment your dog licks, she gets punished through hot sauce. Perhaps for the first few days or week your dog will be smelling like hot sauce. BTW i have never tried this with dogs before, but i know they learn quickly. My sheltie took a jalapeno from me and bit down hard when i tried to get it back – the juice went into her mouth and from that time on she has learned to avoid jalapenos. I also teach autistic children who sometimes display mouthing behaviors – we put hot sauce on the items that they mouth or rub distinct herbal medicines onto their hands – so the moment they mouth they learn that it’s not a taste they like and eventually stop. One of the quicker ways because it provides immediate feedback.

    2. tinkerbellnjk says:

      Ask your vet or try calling somewhere like Petsmart. They should be able to help.

    3. BlueDal says:

      One time, my vet wrapped a piece of carboard around my dog’s neck after surgery, but just for the ride home ( I later replaced it with an e-collar). It seemed to work fine, but I thought it was uncomfortable for my dog, and kind of cruel. You could also try a larger or more narrow e-collar.

    4. Britt says:

      Hmm this sounds like an obsessive compulsive disorder. Especially since you mention she did this ever since you got her from the rescue. When OCD is caused by stress, it is important to get help from your veterinarian. A stressed dog is also a potentially dangerous dog. There are medicated therapies available to help your dog deal with stress. Compulsive Disorders can also be part of your dog’s genetic make-up. Certain breeds are pre-disposed to these behaviors, such as Dobermans, who suck on their skin, German Shepherds, who who chase their own tails, and English Bull Terriers, who have the odd habit of sticking their heads underneath objects and freezing in place. Try using homeopathic remedies for stress. They have them at most pet stores now and they really work. If this doesnt work I suggest taking your dog to the vet and see if they can prescribe anything or if you wanted to spend the money you could take her to an animal psychologist or behavioralist.
      I do NOT suggest using hot sauce on your dog. Dogs have very sensitive senses of scent and taste and hot sauces for human consumption are extremely hot for dogs. Not to mention it will cause diarhhea and hot sauces sometimes contain onion or onion powder which if consumed by a dog is fatal. The onion causes the red blood cells to prematurely rupture causing a case of hemolytic anemia in which the dog can actually need blood transfusions. Please if you do not wish to use natural stress relievers or store bought ones please, PLEASE take your dog to a vet to get something prescribed.

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