How can i stop my dog from going to the Bathroom in the house?


I just gave a relative a boy and a girl dog they are old.Will a wiwi Pad help them not to go to the bathroom on the floor.Can anyone tell me anything else to do?

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    6 Responses to “How can i stop my dog from going to the Bathroom in the house?”

    1. Rita the dog says:

      I like the bathroom best too. Mostly its because there is always water there. Although they do sometimes close the toilet lid. 🙁

    2. alicea.jones says:

      I used the Arm and hammer puppy pads. If you take the pad and sop up there urine in it it’s consider marked territory and they will go on the pad you just have to be consistent

    3. rescue member says:

      Get the dogs on a regular schedule to go out – walk them after they eat (they should be fed twice a day), every couple of hours.
      Praise them when they get it right.
      Repeat – be patient and walk them to about the same places so they know the routine.

    4. relswete says:

      House train your dog..Dog goes out every hour until you know it’s routine, then every two depending on age until it is house trained thats at night also. DO NOT confuse a dog by letting it go in the house to begin with. If you house train correctly it will learn in a few weeks and then it is house trained for life! Do not yell, abuse, a dog for going in the home they do not know what bathrooms are you need to take it out often until it gets the hang of the right thing and praise it when it does correctly.

    5. Rachel I says:

      Here is what works for me make sure when they go in the house you immediatly tell them bad dog not yelling but in a really deep negative tone. Immediately take him outside and say good dog. And when he goes outside give him a treat. and praise him. The best of luck to you that is what worked for me.

    6. PomeranianLuver says:

      Do not use the weewee pads. They just teach the dog to go inside. When you see your dog whining, pacing, or circling take him outside, and say "go potty" and then praise him when he goes. When he goes in the house, and you catch him, say ‘NO" and then take him right outside. If you don’t catch him in the act, hit yourself on the head with a newspaper, for not watching him.

      Good Luck.

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