How can I make my german shepherd relax?


i have a 17 month old german shepherd and he loves his family

too much

to the point where he cant stand to watch us leave

we can’t chill him out, we’ve been to so many trainers, we have a "stay" mat where he’s supposed to sit, but that works only when one of us comes home

and on walks, if he sees another person, even far away, he gets on high alert, his back hair stands up, and he glares at them

and, he barks at ppl walking by

but the worst part is in the morning. Every time we go to leave for school, he starts whining

and i mean WHINING

he wont let us leave, he wants to come with us so much, he will whine for 10 min nonstop if we let him

he can’t chill out, lets say we have my brother’s friend come over our house

it’s an initial loud bark, then, my dog won’t leave my brother’s side as long as the friend’s over, he will start whining and never leave, like he’s OCD or something

it’s probably separation anxiety, but how do i stop it?

on the flip side, if he’s laying down somewhere, and we go over to pet him, after 2 min, he gets sick of us and walks away

idk what to do with him lol
my mom walks him inthe morning, i run him for a half hour at 9 o clock every night before he goes to bed, my brother plays with him when he gets home from school, and he knows tons of tricks, the dog is in perfect physical condition lol

we tried socializing him, we had so many people come over our house, he was the mellowest puppy on earth, but now he’s the obsessive compulsive beast

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6 Responses to “How can I make my german shepherd relax?”

  1. kme says:

    A german shepard from the get go is meant to protect it’s owners and that’s why many people choose them as pets. Ideal guard dogs that never turn on there owners. It’s in his instinct. Now as for the whining the simple solution to that is tell him no. To get our chiwennie to stop whining when we left we would turn off the lights and just let him. After about a month he stopped crying and was used to being left. We would rarely leave usually just for thirty minutes we would purposely leave so he would get used to it. When they start barking though I would place a muzzle on him and leave the room with just him and the friend. Don’t let anyone in the family near him. The muzzle will help the friend to know the dog can’t hurt him. Also if you are apprehensive or nervous the dog senses it and reacts in that manner. When I feel uncomfortable around someone my dogs go at it with all they got. Usually once I’m calm or not paying attention there fine and they run up to everyone and anyone. You may not even realize your worried about your dog but in a split second all it takes is one thought and your dog catches how you feel instantly. My dogs became socialized best when introduced to other dogs. My second oldest is the pack leader out of them and she can control everything they do. If she is calm then they are calm which is why having another dog there will help your dog determine there place. Also if that dog is a leader it will help train your dog to be friendly and less whiny. With our new puppy to introduce it to our pack we simply let it go and all the dogs run to say hi. Usually it’s the human and not the dog that is causing the issue. So definately try the whole leaving them alone with that person and let that person be with them for about an hour and then once you go back either the dog will realize they aren’t a threat and be friendly or it will not care and just walk away.

  2. Prashant says:

    Whenever u go out leaving him, try to give him something to eat, like Kibbles, nuts.
    And when u return then also u must give him something to eat.
    This will solve your dog’s problem of separation anxiety.

    Also u must have command over your dog, whatever he do, u must be aware of his activities.
    U must guide him through a proper and in a disciplined way.

  3. Critters--New CH! says:

    There is no way in HECK you are going to get a good answer here.

    My advice would be getting a NEW trainer who KNOWS what he is doing. The trainer will keep the dog and train it. Hopefully he will get him out of the anxiety and aggression through obedience training.

    This is what PISSES me off about all these wanna be trainers who do home visits, classes, and the like, who have likely NEVER trained(successfully) a problem dog like this, and cannot count on two hands the number of dogs they themselves have raised and trained. And these people are telling you to do lame stupid things like using a ‘stay’ mat. Yeah like THAT is going to remedy a poor temperament.

    The only thing that will REALLY work is getting the dog out of the situation, doing intensive training, and developing a maintenance plan that you an your family can keep up with.

  4. Experiment E says:

    It sounds like he’s 1) not properly socialized, and 2) in need of more exercise and mental stimulation. German Shepherds are smart dogs, you have to keep their minds and bodies working or they go stir crazy.

  5. More Bored Collie says:

    How often and how far do you walk him?
    It may not be a training issue as much as it is an exercise issue.

  6. anwen55 says:

    How often do you exercise him?
    How often do you have training sessions with him?
    How often does he mix with different people & dogs?
    You need to get him to a GOOD training class and learn how to train him properly. He’s trying to rule your lives – start practising NILIF (Google it).