How can I make my dog less skittish?


I spend a lot of time over my aunt’s house where she has two yorkie maltese mixes. One of them is the most skittish and terrified little dog I’ve ever seen. It’s quite sad. I’m a real dog lover and its terrible to see this dog cower all the time. This poor dog has been that way since she was born (we know the people they got her from).

Some examples are:
She runs into her cage every time you enter the room.
If you come by her, she lays flat on the floor and shakes.
I have a puggle that I bring by there a lot to play with the other dog (they live down the street) and when he gets there… she runs up the stairs and hides under the bed until he leaves…

Is there anything I can do to help her?

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    2 Responses to “How can I make my dog less skittish?”

    1. darwinsmonkey2000 says:

      Maybe she is just the kind of baby that should have a one person owner. Older person with no other pets. It would be much kinder to let her go then for her to be afraid all the time.
      I have one that is very timid ( because of where she came from ) But I just let her do what she wants when others are around. Know one tries to pet her they want to she is a ball of fur. She is starting to come out & sit in the room because she knows no one will try to pick her up are love on her. Except me of course & my other shitz Tzu. If patience doesen’t work
      be kind and find her a single solitary person of her own. Good Luck !

    2. og0925go says:

      We recently adopted a pup from the humane society. He was fine with my wife since the voluteers were mostly women, but was scared to death of me. He would jump out of his skin and tuck his tail if I so much as shifted in my recliner while watching tv. Lots of love and positive reenforcement has won the day. We are now great buddies.