How can I make my airconditoner blow cooler, Somone please help me out!!?

How can I make my airconditoner blow cooler, Somone please help me out!!?


I live in the southwest, and we dont have those fancy air conditoners that most people have. its the kind with the four pads and water flows and runs down from the top to wet the pads and the blower blows it through the ducts.
Well it seems around 2 or 3 months, it doesnt blow as cold as it used to at first.
Whats the deal with this?
The pump is pushing enough water, the pads are fully wet, the temp inside the airconditoner itself is real cool, but the house just doesnt seem to cool down like it did in the first few months.
Im really getting tired of going up on the roof for my mom to look at this.
Is there a chemical on the pads that maybe wears out and not allow for a full summer cooling?
Should I go up there with a bucket of ice cubes to shut my mom up every time she calls?

Is there ANYTHING anyone can tell me or give me advice on because its driving me nuts.
(also, I know its not the air ducts leaking air, otherwise in the winter the house wouldnt get as hot as it can with the heater).

(I also know about keeping doors closed and electronics turned off to maximize cooling efficiency) Although it doesnt seem to make a difference.
Everything works perfectly in the airconditoner, and the water recirculates throughout the day and night; plus the water pump has a double filter so no dirt gets hung up in the pads.
No humidity out here.. it rains like 5 times a year
This airconditoner is the non-freon type.

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    11 Responses to “How can I make my airconditoner blow cooler, Somone please help me out!!?”

    1. davewilliams says:

      Maybe there’s a leak in its freon or the compressor is jammed. You should also clean you AC unit every now and then and also check for leaks every now and then.

      davewilliams of Air Conditioning Repair in Denver, CO

    2. Jan Luv says:

      first you can except a swamp cooler to cool the outside air no more than 15 or 20 degrees, if the outside temp 100 degrees your cooler will cool the air to 80 to 85 degrees at best. Thats as cool as it is ever going to get with a swamp cooler.

      Install new pads at least 2 times a year, spring and again in mid summer, that will be about now.

    3. douglas says:

      it may be that your filters are dirty i understand that these links may not be the same brand name as the one you have but may be they will help you to fix the problem we had one these a long time ago when i was just a kid we had to take apart every couple of years and clean it out algae would build up in the filters on the inside even though you could not it it would stop the air flow form coming thru like it should i don’t how yours is made but it may be take your can clean it with chlorine bleach just be careful with this stuff it is dangerous …oh one more thing be nice to mom she s depending on you to do what she can’t do one day she wont be be here and you will wish she was i hope this helps you

    4. T C says:

      I agree with MisterEc ….you are heading towards the monsoon season, and I know for a fact that the humidity levels have elevated beyond 35 percent in much of the S/W, which effectively depletes the process of evaporation used in a swamp cooler

    5. Marko says:

      I just don’t think evaporative coolers are strong enough. There’s just too much of a heat load in the summer. Sorry. My only advice is to get a window unit. Also, there are used ones in the want ads of the newspaper that work fine for 75 dollars.

    6. Noel C says:

      try to clean the filter of the air conditioner or the whole conditioner itself. usually if an air conditioner won;t be cooler if the filter is full of dust and or ice tends to form inside the conditioner

    7. Loony Dufus says:

      Turn the thermostat down.

    8. MisterEckted says:

      You may be experiencing higher than normal humidity, as can be common with swamp coolers. The humidity will make the house feel less cool as your sweat will not evaporate as efficiently. Try removing the pads and spraying them out with a hose. Algae can cause them to get "plugged" like a dirty sponge and not be as efficient as when they are new. During the hotter season, the water will not be as cool as other times of the year, which will factor into your unit’s cooling capacity. Ice may help, but what a pain. Try cleaning the pads first.

    9. Steven J says:

      Have a check up to make sure everything is in working order, and there is enough refigerant.

    10. be safe and go says:

      Are the pads cleaned? Does the water get replaced or does it keep recirculating? The water might be getting to a temp so its unable to cool.

    11. Step_into_night says:

      If this AC unit also runs with Freon you could have a leak and it just need to be primed with Freon every year to keep it working if you keep up service on the AC. My old unit did the same thing but it is getting hard to find Freon for AC you may have to upgrade your unit. your air duct may need to be clean also.