How can I learn to love my puppy?


My chihuahua died on 12/11 and on 12/12 my mother bought my son a puggle puppy. The puppy is cute as a btton, very docile and friendly, sweet and playful. I really enjoy him alot. The thing is that I don’t LOVE him like I loved my little chi chi. The moment i got Fudge (the chi chi) we were instantly bonded. He had a specific place in our family. I often did not think of or treat him as a dog. He slept with us, ate dinner with us (on the floor out of his dog bowls,lol) he went everywhere with us. In every room in our house there was an accommodation for the chi chi. Stairs to help him scale the bed, dog beds, kennels, toys, and even an elevated small dog car seat so that he could go everywhere with us while traveling safely. Now we have this new puppy who uses all of Fudge’s clothes and toys. I Broke into tears when my son put the new puppy in my chi chi’s favorite sweater. I had to buy a new car seat because the look of the new puppy in it broke my heart. I have had to confiscate certain toys from the puppy that were Fudge’s favorites and pack them away because I want them for me. The issue is that i don’t feel connected or loving towards this puppy. I feed him, walk him, cuddle him, play with him, take him to the vet and let him cuddle with me. I am deeply hurt by the loss of my chi chi and everyday it is hard to go through the motions of caring for this new pup when i am still deeply hurt over the loss of my own dog. I do it for my son because he likes and wants the puppy, and I like the puppy too, but how can i learn to love the puppy like I did my chi chi? Right now, I just "like" the puppy, he is cute and sweet, but to me he is a dog, I can put him in his kennel if need be and head out to run an errand. My chi chi Fudge was my friend, my companion, I LOVED that dog. He never saw the inside of a kennel after he was potty trained, I just never thought of Fudge as a dog I guess because he truly was my companion. How can I get over the loss of Fudge and make this new pup my friend and companion? I know Fudge wants me to be happy, but my heart is not done grieving his loss, how can I learn to love my new pup?

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    6 Responses to “How can I learn to love my puppy?”

    1. Alice Loves Mickey says:

      I am so sorry for your loss. I don’t think thats right for your mother to buy a new dog the day right after your chihuahua passed out. That must hurt… I have a maltese dog whom I LOVE VERY much as well, and right now… I feel like no other dog can replace him if he was gone.

      I really think that you should put your chihuahua’s old stuff in a special box and lock it, then put it in a special place where no one knows but you. Fudge’s stuff aren’t the important part, its about Fudge. The special spark in Fudge that makes you smile and be happy… even if he is gone, he will always be in your heart :).

      When you see your new dog, don’t think about Fudge. Just think of him as your first loving pet<3 . Its all part of life and every one is going to go through this stage, even if its hard to let go. I understand that Fudge was a pet that was more than just a dog.. because I feel that way about my dog too.

      This question really touched my heart,
      god bless Fudge 🙁

    2. lizz says:

      You just need to always remember that you love Fudge and you know that u will never forget him. I have been in your spot, just because you have a new dog, or any animal, well maybe you wont love the new animal as much as your old animal, but just give your new dog a chance and you will probably come to love him, but that dont mean love him more or as much as Fudge. Its okay to be upset and not want to replace your dog, but just imagine if the animals were kids, you have one kid, say that child got very ill or somthing, and dies. you adopt a child, would that change how you feel/felt for your dead child??? I hope this helps you. Bye!

    3. Mario says:

      It’s going to take awhile, you’re still getting over the loss of your chihuahua, and you will eventually. But, don’t think of the new dog as a replacement for the old one, the old one will always be in your heart forever, and the puppy is just a new friend in your life. Dont let the new puppy control the mourning process of your old dog, take some time to make sure you completely go thru the grieving process

      when that’s over, then u will start to bond to your new puppy

      i understand what you’re going thru kinda. I have a 2 year old german shepherd and i love him to death. Well, he had an episode at the vet a couple weeks ago, and we might have to give him away. It’s going to be very difficult to give hiim away, and i kno that if we do get a new dog, i’m going to have to completely get over the giving away of my first dog to truly bond with the new one

      i’m very sorry about the loss of your first dog, especially around this time of year, and i hope you learn to love your new puppy

    4. Elena says:

      You’ll just have to give it time. You’re still hurting from the loss of your best friend. It’s normal for you to be subconsciously apprehensive towards loving this new dog. Let him love you and he’ll win you over.

    5. Lucky says:

      Maybe you should give the doggie to someone else. Maybe a family that wants a dog.

    6. Sue F says:

      Sorry for your loss. Fudge was a part of your life for a long time, and you have not had time to truly grieve his loss.

      Your Mom was trying to be sweet and loving by giving your son the puggle puppy, but she did not take the fact that you needed time to grieve Fudge into consideration.

      You are just going to need some more time, you are taking care of the new pup, and eventually you will find yourself wanting to play and wanting to be with the pup, out of a sense of love, not of duty. This could take several more months, before you are truly ready to move on.