how can i improve my dogs' lives?


I have 7 sleddogs that live outside fulltime. 4 intact males, 1 neutered, 1 intact female, 1 spayed. I have a heat kennel(12 ft x 12 ft) we put females in heat in. We DO NOT breed our dogs. The rest of the time, the dogs are on long chains that swivel around a post in a circle. This gives them around 144 sq ft to run and play with the dog next to them. It also keeps them from getting tangled up easily. This spring we are putting a 6 ft fence up around the yard so the dogs can run and play without disturbing the neighbors or other animals. Each dog has its own shelter of either a wood house or plastic blue barrel with fresh dry straw for bedding. In winters, we dig the dog houses out of the snow so the dogs have easy access to them. They get ran 8-20 miles four times a week with every other day off to rest. On rest days, they take turns playing the heat pen, if it’s not occupied. They get water 3 times a day in winter and free access to in the summer, excluding watering on training runs. 2 hrs before they leave, we bait water with meat to make sure they are hydrated well. Then when they return, they get fresh water and a treat for being good dogs. They travel in dog boxes that are 2 ft x 3 ft and 2 ft high with a hole 10 inches in diameter for ventilation and bedded down with fresh clean straw. Sometimes the small dogs ride double so they don’t get lonely and a few ride loose in the cab with us. We train all of the dogs to have good manners on leash and with people. Every evening, dogs get 3-4 cups Blackgold performance mixed with meat and water. We coat the dogs when it is -10 F, except one male is done at 0 F cuz he has a thinner coat. We race two or three times a year, for the fun of it. When we travel far, the dogs get dropped (let out of the boxes) every 2 hours to relieve themselves and stretch. We also offer them water every time except the drop right before bed. We have varius items, like foot creams, booties, coats, wrist wraps, first aid materials, etc to help keep the dogs safe and comfortable. We spend a good 5-8 hours a day with them, excluding cleanup and feeding. They see a vet several times a year for race exams and their yearly checkup, rabies when needed, and I give their 7 ways myself. I also have a neutered cocker spaniel that comes in the house, sees the groomer very 12 weeks, has an autofeeder/waterer, spends time with other family members while I am away, and sleeps in a great at night. In the summer, he is outside for a few hours to enjoy the sun. He also goes out with me to do the farm chores and runs around the yard multiple times a day. If there are any ideas anyone has please let me know of anyway you think i can better improve these guys’ lives.

*They are only on chains for the 5 hours I am at school and at night, as many may know, huskies don’t do well with small animals or staying at home, thus the reason they are chained up when I can’t supervise them.
People have either told me they are mistreated because of living outside on chain or the box sizes are too small.

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    1. John White says:

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    2. Perla Greene says:

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    3. FidosCityGuide says:

      You could build a kennel, where each dog has it’s own run, or shared runs for dogs that can be trusted together. Kind of on the spendy side. Really it sounds like your dogs are very well treated. Maybe some people won’t think so, since they live outside, but they are well equipped for it. It sounds like they are well feed, get good medical care, and plenty of attention and exercise.

      Can I ask why you are asking this question? Has some complained about the way your dogs are treated?

    4. Brittany C says:

      Sounds like they’ve got it made already, i’m unsure if you are asking this just to describe in detail your dog’s life or if you really think these dog’s lives are bad?

      They are being used for what they were bred to do.

      They get adequate meals and exercise.

      They get vet care.

      They get lots of love from a responsible person. What more do they need?

    5. Olive says:

      you might want to start by neutering the males and spaying the females. this way they can all enjoy the heat kennel together on cold winter nights.

    6. doglove70 says:

      Those are pretty typical sled dog conditions. You sound like you care about them more than most, actually.

      Spay the b*tch if you don’t plan on breeding. Small boxes are fine. If they fit they’re good. I’m assuming you’re only packing them around in boxes in winter, when you’ll be racing, so they’ll retain heat much better than a large box. Ideally every dog could live inside, but 8 dogs in a house is probably not realistic if 7 have been outside their entire lives.

      I’d bet you anything that most any nordic dog would kill for a life like yours have. Don’t feel guilty. Just spend time with them and run them often.